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Font height

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Does anyone know how to check the font height assigned to a <div>, or anywhere? I need to know how tall the font is.


Something like that. That doesn't work, of course.

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In javascript a style property is write from CSS property name by removing the '-' and put an uppercase letter on the second word


I have just test this :

The property must be set explicitly on the element by style="font-size:5px"

Example :

.test {font-size:9pt;} // class somewhere
<div id=""youID" class="test"...

don't work and return an empty string

<div id=""youID" style="font-size:9pt;" ....

the same statement return 9pt


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I'm not sure I got it right, but if you want to define a class in css and apply it to a element via js, you should use

document.getElementById('elem').className = 'cname';

And the css class should be

.cname { ... }

LE: just reread the whole thread, I guess I got it wrong ... you mean you already applied the css style and the js property isn't working correctly?

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It's for WPI. .txt is defined in the .css files. Make a <div>, but the content defines with class="txt" later on. I want to see what size the text is of the "txt" class. Maybe thay makes more sense?

The problem is, I need to know BEFORE the text is laid out.

So, what is the font height of the css class "txt" in themes/wpi.css? I want to know as soon as WPI is started.

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Well, I don't think you can do that the easy way ... maybe trying to read the css with js/vb or making a hidden div and apply the class to it (then read the property) could solve the problem ...

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With a CSS style sheet fontSize or fontHeight are not embedded in each element

Navigator read the CSS style sheet then apply style for each element when it display it.

Javascript cannot retrieve any information not embedded in the html document.

In fact first test was not necessary

Only way is to read the CSS file and detect the font attribute of class with a RegExp.

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