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WPI 6.4.1 release!

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I never had it before, but something happened and when I try to click "configuration" button, it gives me the following message:

JavaScript Error Report

Message: 'configList[...]. prog' is null or not an object

Url: file:///c:documents%20and%20settings/oleg/desktop/wpi_v6.4.1/wpi/wpi.hta

File: configwizard.js

Function: FillInConfig()

Line: 174

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Hi. :hello:

WPI is new to me.

May I make you aware that you have not written where the tools that you have separated from the main program are to be placed in order for them to be used by WPI. I do see on the image that you have it listed, but you have not written to unzip the tools there.

Thank you for contributing such a great program that has surely helped quite a lot of people in their installation endeavours.

There is one question that I have that is unclear for me.

When I use RunOnceEx.cmd the following rule has been stated:

when using apostrophes or other special characters between the quoted string, to use a slash \ in front of them. For example:

"%cdrom%\Extras\IrfanView\iview410_setup.exe /silent /folder=\"c:\Program Files\irfanview\" /desktop=1 /thumbs=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=2" /f

Is this the case with WPI? or do I have to express it in this manner (notice the difference in apostrophes):

"%cdrom%\Extras\IrfanView\iview410_setup.exe /silent /folder="c:\Program Files\irfanview" /desktop=1 /thumbs=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=2"

There is another version that I seem to have understood to be the correct variation:

"%cdrom%\Extras\IrfanView\iview410_setup.exe" /silent /folder="c:\Program Files\irfanview" /desktop=1 /thumbs=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=2

Please correct me if that's wrong.

Edited by Dislocated Time
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