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1.4.5 Beta2 Broke my WinXP!


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Your lack of knowledge busted your install, not nlite.

<images and stuff>

If Nuhi makes any changes to the program, it's not to fix a bug, but to make it more NOOB proof.

Have a nice day.

The problem is that nLite was able to work on C:\WINDOWS at all. It really is a major potential bug be it NOOB or otherwise. It should really only prompt for the CD/DVD (or ISO image(s) if that is supported).

As for the selection of C:\WINDOWS it was probably a fluke but it's been so long I can't remember.

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there's no file copying needed by nlite, only the whole xpcd to a suitable folder, such as C:\XPCD

as said above, we all start out somewhere smile.gif, it's like driving a car, if you do it the wrong way you're heading for trouble tongue.gif

Obviously there is SOME file copying if its moving files from the CD to an empty folder on your HDD. What's odd is that I can't find to location of the DLL files that went missing when nLite used C:WINDOWS as the source.

nuhi will fix. nuhi will fix :)

you just quoted what i wrote, then reworded it! (the only file copying you need to do is the xpdisc to a suitable folder, like C:\XPCD )

your install is probably screwed if you've messed with C:\Windows

reinstall with your hp disc, and either get a clean xp disc, or just forget about nlite..

That's how it should work but that's not what happened in my case.

I was talking about how the DLL files were moved from C:\WINDOWS (the source) to nowhere which made recovering my OS even more difficult. Since I did a recovery install of WinXP I've been unable to repeat what I've done because I keep getting this error:

Detected unfinished nLite operation. Don't reuse broken installations.

Please copy a clean Windows installation files and redo the process.

and it prevents further progress so I can't repeat the bug.

An easy way to prevent new users from accidently using C:\WINDOWS is to remove the current "locating the windows installation" dialog and replace it with an interface similar to that found in burning programs by having 2 options:

1) the ability to search CD/DVDROM drives only

2) the ability to search your filesystem for ISO files only

I just hope that the mysteries of where the files went when I attempted to use C:\WINDOWS as my source or why I can no longer repeat the process, aren't indicative of deeper flaws in an otherwise well-designed program, but they should be investigated nonetheless.

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The problem is that nLite was able to work on C:\WINDOWS at all. It really is a major potential bug be it NOOB or otherwise.

The ability to put your cat in your microwave is also a major potential bug. Do you have an idea how much time, money and energy is wasted in the world to protect people from themself ?

The restrictions you expect from Nuhi are not even matching how nLite works now. Please just admit it, you were mistaken and still are. You still don't know what your source is, still think dlls have ben "copied to nowhere" and lost.

Seeing as I was new to nLite I expected it to know what it was doing

Some programs are for advanced users.

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1) the ability to search CD/DVDROM drives only

2) the ability to search your filesystem for ISO files only

most of us have a copy of the xp disc on our hard drives (way faster to copy from a hard drive than a cd), manually creating C:\XPCD is the easiest way

-agreed though, you shouldn't be able to select x:\Windows as the source.. i've not seen anyone else on this forum do that though, and this program is used by a lot of people

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This thread is amusing to say the least. Here we have one poster claiming one thing and everyone else claiming another. Statistically speaking, who do you think is correct?

I think we can all agree that nLite is for advanced users. Nuhi should spend his time adding features/eradicating bugs and not id1ot-proofing (not pointed to anyone in particular) the software so my mother can use it. I (along with a lot of people on this board) have made 100’s of nLite installations (virtual or not); it’s a science to make a reliable nLite’d installation disc. I save 2 or 3 presets that I use on every installation of Windows (saves time, makes installations universal) along with an ISO of a virgin copy of XP (extract, dump it into its own folder on the desktop, point nLite to that folder and let it do its magic).

This isn’t the first time someone new to nLite posts something along the lines of “help me restore XXXXX” or “omg, it destroyed my installation”. I remember when I first started tinkering with nLite, those were some rough, frustrating days/weeks. I promise, you WILL fail at least one installation of Windows after it was nLite’d. The entire process is entirely too complex to remember all the intricate details involved with making it not completely worthless. There’s a fine line between removing too much and removing too little. Use virtualization software (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc).

Above all, have patience. Rome wasn’t built over night, nor will your“perfect” Windows installation.

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Its amazing that after a moderator says that flames had to be removed that people keep flaming and accuse me of being a troll.

nLite should not be able to break an XP install no matter how it is used, PERIOD, because that is not it's purpose. Saying "LOL U USED IT WRONG U SUK" is not only useless in reviving my XP but is a detriment to the community surrounding nLite. What everyone fails to notice it that nLite shouldn't allow you to use it wrong.

Also, saying it is for 'advanced users' is no excuse. I am an advanced user but I had no idea how nLite itself worked. Having to gain experience in a program by experiencing tragedies like this is no way to learn about a program.

In the second panel nLite says "Locating the Windows Installation" and C:\WINDOWS is the obvious choice for that to anyone new to the program. It should be more descriptive on what you need to start the process. Other than not being able to use C:\WINDOWS, it needs a prompt to appear if you try to choose C:\WINDOWS saying:

"Sorry, but choosing C:\WINDOWS as a source directory can break your Windows installation. Please use your WinXP CD or copy the files on that CD to it's own directory on your hard drive."

After reading about C:\XPCD I can see the reason to have the browser it does, so that's fine.

Since C:\WINDOWS could be selected by the program I didn't expect it to cause a program. The program should know what to do, who am I to argue with it? No warnings, no problem. I assumed it would copy the up-to-date files in C:\WINDOWS to a separate working directory and do its thing, but it broke XP instead. I wanted to warn the developer of the flaw and get help restoring Windows but I found jerks too busy enjoying the sound of their own eliteness to help.

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"I am an advanced user"

If so, then you should read manuals, forums, etc before trusting a new program to perform work on the Windows directory.

"What everyone fails to notice it that nLite shouldn't allow you to use it wrong."

That's about the same as a razor blade manufacturer trying to ensure you can't cut someone's throat with it. nLite is a tool, much like a gun. Both very dangerous if used improperly.

"I wanted to warn the developer of the flaw..."

What flaw? nLite is programmed to look for an i386 folder, you just happened to point it to c:\windows which happend to have an i386 folder (blame your OEM, not nLite). I think part of the problem is your slight misunderstanding of the phrase "Windows installation files" and the "Windows folder". All in all, this entire thread is much ado about nothing.

I know nuhi is a nice guy who wants to appease the situation but please do more research before making threads demanding someone's head on a pike. All of us on this board respect nuhi and his efforts he has put into the program so we get very defensive when someone claiming our beloved nLite broke someone's XP only to find out it was more of a misunderstanding with a new user. Good luck.

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Oook people.

I said I will adjust, it is really not a problem.

I don't feel 100% responsible because the user did not know what the nLite is before using it. But still many newcomers select Windows folder and they get the popup telling them that they need installation files.

In this case it passed that check, first time ever.

Gonna lock this now, thank you for defending me :) but it was kinda an overkill.

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