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Microsoft Windows Fundamentals OEM SP2 Build 2600


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Yeah, I dont really care which one takes longer to instal.

But which one uses less resources WinFLP or nLited XP ?

And what about WinFLP modding with other software ? Does it exist ?

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As Arneh says ", gave an option during setup to select which bits to install and not to install", you should include the time you spent to make the nLited CD.

u could find setting for nlite that is universal and fit to any pc

and save alots of time


unattained, sfc disabled

remove comps [ like windows massager]

without give a day for that, half hour and u save lots of time

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No one has answered my questions yet. Dont make this topic stupid about faster installs.

1. Which uses less resources: nLited XP or WinFLP ?

2. Is it possible to modd WinFLP with any software similliar to nLite ?

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1.full nllited xp cd uses less resources

2. there is NO software to mod windows FLP

are u happy now?

Correct, there is no way to mod a WinFLP install prior to the install however there are plenty of guides on how to make a Windows install smaller after the install which would work for WinFLP. It's nothing compared to what you could do with nLite prior to an install but those guides are out there anyway.

aviv00, WinFLP offers 5-6 or so simple but very large/important options during setup, a quick selection for what bits you want to install. WinFLP doesn't even include many of the "bloated" stuff that comes with a regular XP in the first place and you can use an unattend script with it.

Granted, it has nowhere near the number of options of nLite (nLite is still the the better option for highly customized solutions) but it is much much smaller and less "bloated" than a regular XP install and has the full support of MS and you're guaranteed that nothing will break whereas with nLite you might remove something and lose functionality that you didn't mean to remove. Again, I'm *not* saying you shouldn't use nLite in any way (I still think it's a great app for highly customized solutions) but I'm sure many users would appreciate having that kind of option to customize during Windows setup however MS doesn't seem to think so for its versions of Windows aimed at the general population of Windows users.

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