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KB888111 & Nlite 1.4.1= "This hotfix isn't made for this


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KB888111 & Nlite 1.4.1= "This hotfix isn't made for this windows version!....skipping KB888111" followed by the path to the hotfix

-that's the error message i receive during integration....meanwhile all of the other pertinent hotfixes integrate wonderfully....

wtf???? that's weird considering if i install the exact same windows content without the hotfix and then run the same hotfix file after i'm finished installing windows....voila...no problem..

what might be the problem and/or the solution? aiyeeeeeeeee

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Do you have an exact info on the Windows version used (you can read build and SP number below Browse on the first page) and a link to download that exact hotfix would be great (or at least an original filename of the hotfix, if it has the x86/x64 and other stuff on it unedited).

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Let me take a wild guess you guys are using SP3 as your source HUH?

From Ryanvm's forums:

An addon to fix the 888111 problem!

integrate this on your SP3 source.


MD5: 68152827B02DD82D7E685BB25A32393C


- 1.0 Initial release, for SP3 only

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perhaps there's more than one version of hotfix?

i know the one that came inside my soundcard drivers didn't have the "sp2" suffix like the file in the link you sent me...

i'll give it a shot...

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Ok, I'm a id***. The cd that I have is a volume license cd with SP2 written on it. I went a collected the proper Enterprise CD and it reads what you said it should the 888111 install went flawless. No issues. Many many thanks for everyone for helping me on this.

This also fixed another issue with the product key not inputting. Seems the CD wasn't volume afterall and after creating the NliteISO with the proper cd this product key worked well too.

Thanks again.



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-the windows version i'm using is: 5.1.2600.2180

-a download link for the exact hotfix is here: http://dlsvr03.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/audi..._32bit_2kxp.zip

(ADI SoundMAX Audio Driver v5.10.01.6310 for Windows 2000/XP(WHQL))

-upon extracting the driver files you'll notice that there's 2 files: "kb888111.exe" and "kb888111_srv03.exe"...i've been using the former as the latter gives me an error message that xp sp2 is the wrong version of windows...

-Nuhi, i tried using the kb888111xpsp2.exe link you gave me....the file integrates fine but afterwards i receive file copy errors and/or hangups during the windows install process. I figured it might be bad integration/compile process by nlite (because i was multitasking during the process), or maybe bad media, or bad cd write.... i've tried repeating the integration/compilation, i've tried writing at only 8x, and i've tried writing on different media...all give the same result. In addition, i've never had any similar problems with any of the other automated discs i made using the same drives, computer and media ....

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This hotfix needs to install after SoundMAX driver installed, i either create SoundMAX cab and put the hotfix install silent command. Or you can have it install with [GuiUnattended].

I install SoundMAX audio drivers then install the hotfix after.

start /wait %systemdrive%\drivers\SOUNDMAX\setup.exe /s

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\drivers\SOUNDMAX\kb888111xpsp2.exe /passive /norestart

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GoneMental, ok good.

coho, kb888111_srv03.exe is for Windows Server 2003, that's why you got that message.

About the kb888111xpsp2.exe, here it did not cause missing files.

Can you tell me which file, at least 2 of them and attach your preset please.

Also if you haven't do it all at once, meaning try not to rerun nlite multiple times so that I can see the exact work done in one preset. (it creates new preset on each modification with just the latest stuff)

And of course always start from the clean installation files, only service pack can be slipstreamed, at least while debugging.

It would also be good to integrate soundcard driver, if you didn't already, among other things you normally do.

midi2k6, currently his problem is the file copy error which shouldn't be there. Then later if the soundcard isn't installed we'll see about this.

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