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Integration error: WMP11 and IE7


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Hi all.

I got these weird error when integrating WMP11 with nLite 1.4.1 and WMP11 Slipstreamer 0.96.

some help, please?

WMP11 error

IE7 error

winxp result folder



I can only guess that either the cd was corrupted while copying to your hard drive, or perhaps you ran out of space while the modification was going on, or maybe the versions of media player and ie7 that you are trying to integrate do not correspond to the localized version of windows. Last guess would be that this cd was modified once already and you are trying to modify it again, meaning you need to start from a clean source, such as the original cd you purchased. All just guesses though.

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Speeddymon, thanks for help.

My CD is original from Microsoft and the media is fine. I just slipstream localized versions of updates on my unattended cds. I run on a partition with 10Gb of free space and I copy the sources many times on different folders and partitions to try the slipstream process. No success.

My final thought was reformat my disc and install a full system. After that everything is fine again. Maybe it was my fault or maybe nlite´s. If was mine, sorry to disturb. If was nLite, there is no problem. nLite rocks...

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maly ...he used wmp11 slipstreamer.....

mistake, but someone did reply and it's the creator LOL still test

copying all the files you want to use for an nLite session onto your current using partition.

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