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    a big fkn bump
  2. maly1


    MSN LIVE LATEST EDITION This is what happens if i change my name with characters which would normaly showup on an untouched EN installation of XP. TY ALL PREVIEW LAST_SESSION.ini
  3. maly1

    Windows 7

    Why would someone want to use vista whether it's SP1 SP2 when you can use an unbloated version of Windows 7 it comes out in 2009/10 but that does'nt mean you cant use XP till then right ? My message to people who use Vista for the default OS..dont end of story get over it and wait for 7, some people waste Microsoft's time around the world while asking witty questions and reporting bugs, this is a cause of delayed products and why they release SP's. Hopefully Microsoft will ignore and slowly take their time needed to create this new OS instead of focusing on times + deadlines. Not only this but
  4. I have 2 accounts the main admin the other is an administrator/user and last night when i shutdown my computer, morning came i then turned the pc only to find an error message which i managed to find in the EvenLog the images are below if you care to take a look please. it keeps on showing the Admin name on the welcome screen but this should'nt happen because i did not select "show admin on welcome screen" with nlite. my only guess are ? Remote Installation Services (RIS) (Kel suggested enable, but this was after i made my xp) LOL Disk and Profile Quota I've also attached my LAST SESSION file
  5. maly1

    Appz Vanishing

    My thread is http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2570
  6. mistake, but someone did reply and it's the creator LOL still test copying all the files you want to use for an nLite session onto your current using partition.
  7. Just use this nearly everyone uses it http://web.clicknet.ro/boooggy/wmp11slips0.96i.exe If you want IE7 you will have to use nLite copy all the files you want to use for an nLite session onto your current using partition. if problems persist just make a new thread no one is going to reply
  8. maly1

    SFC/WFP Popup

    Are you advanced with computers/internet? are you installing malicous applications or unsigned drivers? if your advanced you could disable some uneeded drivers (usin google help) in nlite which your computer does not use, this might solve it. At least u'd be creating one recovery disk not multiples of tests.
  9. maly1

    nLite 1.4.1

    Why the fook would you use BETAZ stop being dogy if you want help use already released software
  10. Hi, you dont really need Microsoft removal tool it's rubbish tool besides you cant be that lazy can ya ?onlly 1 update ? LOL and how are you integrating them? remember integrate your hotfixes first before anything else so there is no glitches and other complicated shizzle. and for the WGA Notify you can download that from here if you dont trust the files just locate them yourself in your system directories i should think and replace them, dont forget to copy his INI/INF files into a new .rar with yours just to let you know RyanVM is good man and has approval with softpedia from 2006 hm maybe
  11. I had to buy this because ASUS NVIDIA on LAN bust itself now that im using it i have disabled "NVIDIA On Board/LAN" in my ASUS Bios settings, i have to goto device manager and manually install the driver from disk which is just a waste of time when your computer is totally fackad like mine. lol Just wondering who here owns a RTL8193 10/100mbps PCI Fast ethernet Adapter and maybe you could answer this question, why does the original setup program from realtek.tw not work when it is supposed to support all new versions? of RTL81**. the link just so yall RT'erz know what im talkin about INFO FI
  12. Thanks Ponch I have now de-selected Bluetooth Support InfraRed Visual Basic Scripting Support Visual Basic v5 Runtimes and still my programs will not launch only some the others just vanish off the screen, the only good side of what iv'e done is made Firefox work and it now shows pictures on the StartMenu next to my name WOW Has somebody had this issue vanishing appz? my tweak.reg remains the same no changes
  13. hell-o, wud appreciate if someone cud help me pls and look at my files and work with me this prob has been going on for time like 1 month of no using my dam pc for nothin of nuttin. im using nlite 1.4.1 after i format and come onto my pc everything looks normal but isnt cos when i need to run my motherboard nvidia driver setup it extracts files and starts setup suddenly it poofs ? it does it for alot of setup files includin graphic drivers how is i supposed to play games? doesnt happen on all programs weird recently wen i make an nlite xp with fresh xp source it will show (on unattended optio
  14. maly1


    OK, Thanks Does anyone know why my nlite "Unattended" options has the Local Group "Administrators" blanked out on fresh xp source?
  15. maly1


    Hello I like to use IE7 + WMP11, DriverPacks, my own microsoft hotfixes/updates directly into the source of xp and other general addons can someone help out in what order i should process this all ? eg (this is how i do it) 1. DriverPacks 2. WMP11 (with wmp11 integrator) 3. IE7 (with nlite) 4. All micro updates, hotfixes (with nlite) 5. General addons and setup the windows 6. Burn XP Thanks
  16. maly1

    Appz Vanishing

    It was my NVIDIA Network on Mainboard so i bought a seperate PCI ethernet and that works fine thx for ur help m8 btw i put my tcp/ip patch now to "20" should i make it "100" ?
  17. maly1


    I want to know if any advanced nLite user could tell me if my saved session from nLite is any good in terms of: durability, stability and safe to use I use WUD - Windows Update Downloader and integrate most recent "automatic updates" from micro with nLite is this bad idea or good ? click here
  18. maly1

    Appz Vanishing

    I Have a Router ADSL connection and when my connection is lost i cant access my router control panel, but yet on my other computer everything works. just one more request? since your a pro on nlite could you tell me is my whole session for nlite in good standing as in reliabilty and stable? not preferencewise thx for the tooltip fixer
  19. If you have'nt already sorted this by now, delete your source folder and nlite config files (saved sessions) and start again this time when you've done upload your new last session from nlite i dont know why no ones replied yet, is it illegal to alter with OEM versions? This happened to me before these continous reboots on vmware but it was due to the priorty of integrating like 1. wmp11 restart nlite 2. IE 7 restart nlite 3. micro updates/hotfixes restart nlite | delete all last sessions 4. make windows understood if you dont reply LOL (been 9 dayz)
  20. maly1

    Appz Vanishing

    Yeh, your right thanks for the quick reply my Windows balloons they are not on top of the taskbar why ? i forgot to mention that i integrate WMP11 and i use WUD (Windows Updates Downloader), then after all this process i configure the XP to how i want it as you can see below
  21. maly1

    Appz Vanishing

    http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2570 updated thread
  22. Thanks alot neo it worked the only flippin thing that wont work now is C:\MYXP\$OEM$\$Docs\username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\READ\Tweaking.htm it wont copy it onto my %HOMEPATH%\Desktop why ?
  23. Hi, I need help with my OEM Information & Logo now ive tested it on my current xp and it works it shows the picture and text, but it wont copy them from C:\MYXP\$OEM$\$$\System32 when i run it on a vmware workstation i also need it to copy CDR.EXE and servconf.exe can somebody help please? Kelsenellenelvian: sry about posting Cleaning/removing Addon traces from nlite files **Beginners** in the wrong topic where is the nlite addons subforum you mentioned?
  24. Ive been using nlite for a while now and still i couldnt find the traces of the addons from when i integrated them with nlite so for the people that start integrating addons and decide they dont actually like the addon/s. READ THIS ITS EASY *ISH AND SIMPLE When you download already made addons from websites such as www.winaddons.com or www.ryanvm.net/msfn/ sometimes the file format can be .rar or .cab extension all you have to do is go inside the archive of your addon and open the file called ENTRIES_theaddonname.ini then where it shows: [sysoc] this line means it comes from a text file c
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