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nod32 v3.0.621 silent install problems

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Um, and what would be the layout of such an XML file? Can't seem to find it anywhere :s
With NOD32 installed and everything in place just go to setup and export settings in cfg.xml.
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Regarding custom silent installation of Nod32, is it possible to install it silently with all the up to date virus definition files? I tried this some time ago, by extracting the msi and copying the updated *.nup files to APPDATADIR\Updfiles, but it failed to install the signature database.

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how do you guys create your .xml? i've tried using /admincfg="%somepath%"

the settings dont seem to be read

I know that post has been written a while ago but I think it could be useful to give some more information on that.

When you installed a NOD32 with all the setup you need, you can go into it's console and extract the configs into a file (XML file).

We use that to deploy NOD32 on all our customers PCs. So we are packaging the MSI file with the XML file into a Wise Installation package and we deploy at large with all the same setups.

So the string to use to call the installation silent is nod32.msi /qn REBOOT="ReallySuppress" ADMINCFG="%xmlfile.xml%"

(you replace %xmlfile.xml% with the complete path of the XML file or simply the file name if it's in the same folder as the MSI file).

That's it!

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about nod32 v4 silant instal with config.xml

What code I used from this:

RunProgram="setup.msi /qn /norestart /cfg=\"%%T\\config.xml"

RunProgram="setup.msi /qn /cfg=config.xml"

RunProgram="setup.msi /qn /REBOOT="ReallySuppress" ADMINCFG="%xmlfile.xml%"

RunProgram="setup.msi /qn /config .\STANDARDR.WW\config.xml"

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ECHO instalacja NOD32
echo 64-bit...
"\\install$\nod32\klient\eea_nt64_plk.msi" /passive REBOOT="ReallySuppress" ADMINCFG="\\install$\nod32\licencja\2014_by_KC.xml"
echo 32-bit...
"\\install$\nod32\klient\eea_nt32_plk.msi" /passive REBOOT="ReallySuppress" ADMINCFG="\\install$\nod32\licencja\2014_by_KC.xml"

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