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  1. Weird error. ERROR: _REM_MSI_BLOCKING.7z is required. Press any key to exit. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all Do you know the reg key that controls My Computer icon showing on desktop ? Thanks
  3. bensam I am about to finish installing win7 with sp1 integrated with you rt7lite, but I can't login. I checked the skip boxes at the very end of the rt7lite creation process, but I didn't see any user creation option, only just for full name and organization. As I checked those "skip boxes", I am not asked now to create a new user. I don't even know if there was a user created or just the Administrator account. I didn't check the Autounattend.xml file. Let me know !
  4. Read thoroughly the first post, my post. Everything is explained there. Just rename the wim files. boot32, erdcom.wim, etc The wim files are to be copied in the sources folder. You Don't touch boot.wim! Only the "bcd store" is altered together with the wim files in the 'SOURCES' folder from the dvd root. Read the 1st post!
  5. There are some configurations, mainly sata/ide controllers that aren't properly detected. If you get the cd/dvd error, unplug all the other harddrives and optical and leave just the harddisk you're installing to and the dvd drive you're installing from. Ususally that does it. If you're still getting that error, install windows 7 from an usb flash drive. A good tool to create a bootable windows 7/xp/vista usb is Novicorp WinToFlash
  6. That's what my guide is for. To have two or more operating systems in one dvd. What driver? Can you be more specific?
  7. Hi I'd like to know how many times can I activate a Windows 7 retail installation online before it doesn't work anymore and have to call MS? Thanks.
  8. A lot of them are superseded. Like 10 of them. I'd like to build this with the minimum required files. Thanks anyway. No errors were generated ,so the addon was built correctly, but for some reason it still shows up in windows update. atolica
  9. Just finished a vmware install with the silent net french XPDNF11SP1fr20SP2fr30SP2fr35SP1fr.7z addon. It was properly added to svcpack to run at T-13(added with nlite), but when I run Windows Update net 3.5 sp1 (kb951847) and .net 1.1 are still showing up. They didn't install at all. The langpacks were added.I'd like to narrow this down.
  10. See my signature post! WinPE also means Vista/ Win7etc. Everything with a *.wim file. Use my script!
  11. Try EasyBoot and their forums http://www.ezbsystems.com/enindex.html See my signature for Win7/Vista/other WinPE multiboot dvd. Doesn't fork for xp. EasyBoot is the thing for what you need. You can find tutorials on their forum.
  12. I know this thread is old but here's an app that has never failed me: WinToFlash http://wintoflash.com/download/en/ Works with any usb flash drive, can build XP/2003/win7/vista x86 & x64 bootable flash drive. I use it mainly for xp as it's a pain in the a** with other methods.
  13. In nlite unattended section there are the 2 default windows accounts. Administrator and Guest. I've renamed Administrator to Propriétaire hence Administrator IS(=) the Propriétaire account . The first logon is done by the user (Dorin) I've created alongside those default 2 accounts, with the autologon option enabled in nlite. See here The last pic shows what users are active after logging off. The Propriétaire, (the English Administrator acc) is not active as I intended, see the 1st pic!. Do you want a capture from safe mode to see the Propriétaire account? I can do that. Are you convinced?
  14. Don't know what you've done for tests, but "Administrator" and "Owner/(Propriétaire)" are 2 separate accounts, that's why they have different names . The 1nd one is built in, the 2nd is created at end of install because you disabled the 1st one and XP needs an account for you to be able to start a 1st session. I was just trying to help but it seems you don't need anyone. When I'm telling you that renaming the Administrator account into Propriétaire in nlite's unattended section and disabling it, removes Propriétaire account(no Administrator account active then though) from the logon screen and makes the Propriétaire account accessible only from safe mode. If I don't rename it, the Propriétaire is visible in the logon welcome screen and also the Administrator account gets created. I guess it does what I want. Thanks for your help. Greets, "over 200 posts" atolica
  15. I know "Propriétaire" means owner, but creating an additional account?? This is not the case for XP English, is it? All I want is for "Propriétaire" and/or "Administrateur" not to show up at logon, preferably disabled. I think that "Propriétaire" is the "Administrateur" account, but I have to test this. edit: I've tested it. "Propriétaire" is the "Administrator" account, renaming and disabling it in nlite's unattended section gets rid of it and only makes it accessible from safe mode as is should. I was right.
  16. Update Pack & AddOn Creator INTL project webpage. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6897-tool-universal-updatepackaddon-creator/
  17. I'm using nlite for ages, but after I switched to Win 7, I didn't have much use of it or XP. I'm just doing a favor for a friend of mine. The problem here is that his Windows XP is in French, the Administrator account is named Propriétaire, so it took some time to see that and rename the name accordingly in nlite's unnateded section. I'm not breaking his XP, I'm a long time nlite user so I guess I know what I'm doing. As for the other thread: I've edited the post because he didn't have time to read it (or I think he didn't) and I was a little bit out of line. atolica p.s. a member since 2005 and only 199 posts??? SHAME ON ME.
  18. That's OEM Preinstallation Kit, something else.
  19. I'm building an Windows XP+SP3 for a friend and I've noticed the Administrator account is still active(or it gets activated) after using nlite, though I disabled it in the Unattended section in nlite. Should I delete EncryptedAdminPassword="No" AutoLogon="Yes" from winnt.sif? Will that make a difference? Is it Autologon=YES needed for other users or only for the Administrator account(MS docs say it is not). Greets
  20. Back to using silent maker The ini file is misleading The description of the ini file says: So if I want that and the .NET Assistant Firefox add-on REMOVED my *.ini should have these two settings as DNF20OFFICE2K3DEBUGGER=NO DNF35FFCLICKONCEEXT=NO Right? Or it's vice-versa?!
  21. I know they aren't typical install cds, but shouldn't be some refference of the pk on one of those two discs? Or on th hp_recovery partition??!? The stored factory image isn't an install. It is image based recovery similar to Vista and Windows 7 RE. Did I say that the factory image is an install?!?!? Where did I say that?!? HP recovery partition it is not similar to Vista/Win 7 PE nor based on windows xp's WinPE, it is HP's own proprietary recovery system.
  22. I know all about SLP tables. I obtained the oembios hp files, replaced them and some other files and got a HP OEM:SLP preactivated cd with the original genuine hp oem key.

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