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Intel 45nm T8000/9000 series


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i just saw on intel the new range of processors they have


but, i dont see it on any laptops so far, any one have any ideas when it will be out? just when i wanted to ask my father if i can get a laptop, this came out so i guess i will wait for it.

but how do u think it will be? price and performance. i see that the T8000 series have only 3MB of L2 vs 4MB the T7000 now has, but the performance should be still better right? in Singapore here, a computer fair will be on march so i hope it will be out by then!

--- UPDATE ---

oh ya, and ATI has X3000 series already. it has DX10.1! and for NVIDIA nothing yet, but i seem to like NVIDIA for now, so hopefully i can get a resonabily priced Laptop with Intel T8000 processors and NVIDIA 9000 series! wow...

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mmm, u know if the price will be like super high? or abt the same as now?

As all new technology, the prices will be somewhat high upon arrival, then go down as new technology will emerge. The price will definitely go down when AMD will come out with their new K10 processors (Phenom).

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i seem to noticed until now, there seem to be no 45nm intel chip laptops yet? will it be out by march when i am probably intending to get a laptop? in the US also not out yet? usually OEMs take that long to implement it?

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