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I need a program that can increase a file size without damaging the fi


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I choose to put this here since this would apply to many other obsticles and tasks.

I use a game/program copier. A device that allows you to backup and play backups of various game programs. It creates save files in the size of 32KB but never 2kb or 8kb or any other size. I need a program that will change a 2kb or whatever file into a 32kb file size so that I can load my saves I use on my computer.

The funny thing is the emulator I use will load the 32kb file and automatically change it to 2kb or whatever apply to the sav file size. However the copier refuse to load file unless it is 32kb but more importantly a 32kb sav file it can read.

I heard there is software for this.

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This is incredibly strange to me. Is there a bug in the emulator that only reads files in 32K chunks? That's what it's sounding like. A simple error to correct too. :wacko:

In the meantime, will this help?

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The emulators znes and snes9x both reduce the file size of the save file size from 32kb to 8kb or even 2kb. The 32kb file is the memory from the copier itself that I put on the HD.

The problem is that after the file size is changed, converted, or whatever I am unable to load that same now whatever size file to the copier. The copier will only read a file that has not been altared that originally came from it.

I just want to continue my game from where I left off on the computer but on my SNES. I can load the game but not any saves from the computer that was played via emulator.

I tried padding the file and using that other program BEXPAND but I still get the same error.

ERROR: No Program

It is like the file is in a completely diffrent format. That is what I am guessing. I still don't understand what changes in the file when I load it to or from a emulator???

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