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Removing Add-On


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You have to be more specific on the addon, is it a INF or SVCPACK addon?

If its a INF or SVCPACK addon you want to "Update" and all filenames are the same you just overwrite the files in the i386 with the new INF, CAB or EXE files

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You can remove add-on manually:


-locate your application/add-on into /SVCPACK folder and delete it

-copy file /i386/SVCPACK.IN_ into new foder and expand with : "expand SVCPACK.IN_ SVCPACK.INF" (in cmd.exe window)

-edit and locate the line with your add-on to be removed and delete it ( you can see all add-on under [setupHotfixesToRun] section )

-save your modified SVCPACK.INF

-re-pack your SVCPACK.IN_ with: "makecab SVCPACK.INF SVCPACK.IN_"

-overwrite old SVCPACK.IN_ into /i386 folder with the new created file

-recompile your ISO CD and test it!

From RunOnce

-delete your addon from $OEM$ folder

-edit /i386/winnt.sif and remove the line that start your add-on at first boot (u can see that line under [GUIRunOnce] section)

-save, recompile ISO CD and test it

Good luck !

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