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Geforce 8500GT 1GB Super


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Hello, updating my older computer system and was wonderin if the Geforce 8500GT 1GB Super 16X PCI-E SLI Ready DX10 Shader 4.0 is a good card?


AMD 3600+ X2 x64 (2.1GHz) Processor 939

2 x 1GB Crucial PC2700 DDR

Geforce 8500GT 1GB Super

Windows Vista (vLited) Ultimate x64

Would that run crysis and Unreal Tournament 3?


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The fact that it's got 1GB of VRAM doesn't really mean anything. The processing power of that card is still below what you'd get from the 8600GT. 120 quid should get you one of those without too much difficulty. ;)

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The first number in nVidia's lineup is the family of cards (6000, 7000, 8000). The "hundreds" digit gives a general idea of how powerful each card is within that class. Just so there's no confusion. The lettering scheme places the card within the same kind of cards (typically GT > GS for example).

The 7800 series cards are much more powerful than the 8500GT that you're looking at. My recommendatation still stands though. ;)

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