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Removing v/s disabling a service!


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Hi Guys,

Is there any real difference in disabling v/s removing a service completely with vLite? I mean in terms of Memory consumption, CPU cycles etc??

For e.g let's say I disable the superfetch service, does it have the same effect as if I have removed the service completely with vLite?

Any insight on this… especially from Mr nuhi.  B)

Thx :)

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from what i've seen, there's no difference in regard to cpu/mem usage whether you disable or remove a specific service. If you just disable the service, it will still take up disk space, but that's it. ;)

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There is a difference. Just try to delete some of the dlls of the disabled service, most of them are still used. Maybe not actively running which is good, but still parts can be loaded and locked. I don't feel good knowing that Remote Registry service disabled or not is in my OS.

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aviv00, nah, the DLL was definitely locked by usage.

Try it yourself in virtual machine. I even had to keep some dlls because other services would break. They all load each other, it's a total mess.

Btw what posts, no one deleted anything from here.

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and why the hell all the Posts dont showed up?

You mean all the other posts at the bottom and have to click on them to see them.... go to options at top and select standard.

@ Nuhi

Shame about the service DLL's in a mess, i've always wanted to remove ICS but keep Windows Firewall lol.

@Everyone a.k.a On Topic

Everyone is different some people don't remove any services and just disable them... more for compatibility reasons if it they need it then its there. Other like myself remove them as i know i will never ever need them.

Advantages of removing them using vlite

  • Quicker install time
  • Computer easier to maintain
  • Don't have to disable all services everytime you reinstall
  • Some removals can make your computer more secure
  • Less clutter
  • Better performance - as nuhi said some dll's are still in use even when service disabled

Disadvantages of removing with vlite

  • If you need that perticular item, then you have to re-run vlite keeping the things you need and reinstall.
  • Can cause some compatible problems, but can be fixed in next version of vlite.

If anyone can add anymore then please do

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aviv00, yeah the same. More files can be removed in Vista because there is no actual setup (just image extraction, hw detection and unattended passes) so less files are needed for that process. But there are a lot more components so that advantage isn't obvious so far.

legolash2o, nicely put.

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