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A new theme for LameSkin...now in it's 4th version...


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This theme is Release #4 of my 1st lameskin theme ever. this theme is in a "Beta" stage, if you will, so i'm still making modifications to it as people give me suggestions. As I said, this is my 1st theme EVER, so I'm still learning...

============BUILD HISTORY:============

12/1/2007: Longhorn XXXX RL1: first release

12/5/2007: Longhorn XXXX RL2: +Changed caption buttons from "longhorn 4008" buttons (that didn't go w/ the theme that well) to

"XPEnergy" buttons (that go well with it, IMHO)

+Modified buttons

+Rounded corners of titlebar

+Fixed random color where titlebar and window meet

2/4/2008: Longhorn YVH RL3: +new scrollbar bitmaps and drop-down button

+minor fixes, aren't even noticeable

3/10/2008: Longhorn YVH RL4: +new buttons

+new window borders

+fixed pink in top rounded corners

============STILL BUILDING!============

Source Information:

The caption buttons are borrowed from the "XPEnergy" theme. This theme is based around the "Vista" theme that is pre-installed with RP7.

i would like a few people to give me feedback on this theme so that I can know what to change and make them into the next release. thank you all...

Many thanks to Tihiy for making Revolutions Pack!!!! Without it, we'd still have a dull boring Windows 98SE!!! :)

Sorry for the delayed release, but I got a new computer and had to install Windows 98SE on a VM (and I just haven't had time).

New Release:


Alternate Links to old release (Release 3):

Longhorn YVH thru rapidshare

Other Link



Can ppl please try out my theme? thx...

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Dblake1 can i give you an advice... the theme it's not bad, i mean the ideea, but you need to work more on this theme, i really like the taskbar and you really must concentrate from there. I hope you will take this advice as constructive one. :hello:

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Hello Dblake1

I downloaded your two files but I couldn't extracted them with WinRar. I got these error messages:

! D:\screenshot.zip: Unknown method in screenshot.bmp

! D:\screenshot.zip: No files to extract

! D:\Longhorn_release_3.zip: Unknown method in Longhorn_release_3.exe

! D:\Longhorn_release_3.zip: No files to extract

Too bad I can't give your theme a try!

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Thanks for the link to 7-Zip, Dblake1. I don't know why WinRar couldn't extract you file while it can be associated with 7-Zip. I installed your theme. I like all these buttons: Minimize, Maximize, Close, and Help. They are great. Start button and Taskbar look nice too although I don't like grey much. Such buttons as OK, Apply, Cancel are so strange and not beautiful to me. Maybe I don't have a good taste to give comments on your theme, just some of my own ideas of what I like and don't like.

And one more thing, Dblake1. Inactive windows have a little pink at their round Titlebar corners. Active Titlebar looks just fine. Does this happen to you? Or it just happens to my lame computer, I wonder?

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the pink around the Inactive titlebars has been fixed...you have to download and install the theme again...extract it to the desktop and run "install.bat"...if its already installed, it will say "Unable to create directory" and it will install anyways. this is expected because there is already a folder with that name...if you are installing it for the first time, you have to merge "Longhorn.reg" into the registry...

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