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SP3 v3311 slipstream error


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New problem occured

Could anyone try the session file? I do not get IE or Outlook express after installation. (for that matter, any other important system setups)


Looks like the 'security center' problem still exists with RC2


used nlite to slipstream sp3 v3244 over fresh SP2 disc. slipstream went fine as well as other nlite stuff (i've used same config as one I've used for sp2)

but during first copying I get BSOD, about SETUPDD.SYS sthg about trying to write to restricted area.

anybody get this?


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larciel, used SP2. Integrated SP3, removed all components, applied my usual tweaks and unattended settings.

Tested in VMWare. Also others reported that it works. But it's always possible that there is some combination which could fail.

Attach your preset and I'll try it, unless you did just slipstream, then it can't be nLite's fault. Try redoing from the scratch, if you have RTM then slipstream just sp3 but it's not the problem here, sp2 is fine.

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larciel, MagicAndre1981 gave you solution for the cdkey if yours doesn't work on SP3.

Btw try once without all these addons, it might be that one of them isn't compatible with SP3.

I tried your preset (without the addons) and it worked fine.

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My wxperiences with 3244:

1. Started with a fresh SP2 Win Pro. Integrated with SP3 3244, used one single addon and a few drivers and a quite conservative nLite scheme. Plenty of RunOnceEx progs, though, the standard collection actually. Mase ISO and ran in vmWare. Result: file copying was hardly started before there was an error (sorry, no screenshot). Stranded there.

2. Tried same thing, only with a fresh SP1 this time. Things worked much better now. The install went fine and my RunOnceEx list was visible (hey, that's not common with me :rolleyes: ). Then, trouble. Restarted after runonceex was done, after the bootscreen xp insisted on bringing forth the disk checking tool. Only that it couldn't find it, so some error message came about which included a reference to vista. Then it restarted. That loop continued three times until i didn't bother anymore and turned it off.

So I will stay away from this one for now. This is quite strange though, since I never had any trouble with any of the earlier versions of sp3.

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I get the same error, in VMWare (haven't tested on a live system), but it also happens with just the service pack slipstreamed (by nLite, but that shouldn't make any difference).

I did some testing, and it seems the partition size has something to do with it. Normally I use a partition of 16GB, but when I decreased that to 10GB the error disappeared and setup continued as normal.

Update: Scratch that and never mind me. For some reason it works like it should now and I can't reproduce the error.

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