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[request]WLM A-PAtch & WLM PLus


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No... It does not install or require Messenger Plus! Live, it only copies the a-patched dll's. You have to make a MsgPlusLive addon yourself, use these silent switches (you can find them by running MsgPlusLive-423.exe /?)

Messenger Plus! Live
Accepted Command Line Arguments:
/Silent (does not install the sponsor)

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or not...

The system cannot find the file specified.

**** FGCBA 0.896 * by n7Epsilon * http://tinyurl.com/lslmm ****

*** Reading Entries_Windows_Live_Messenger.ini...

- Checking syntax of [EditFile] section...

- Processing [txtsetup_files] section...

- Processing [dosnet_files] section...

- Parsing [i386_compress] section...

** Required installers in SVCPACK folder:


** No warnings or errors during preprocessing. Congratulations! **

!!- Cannot find required file: CabArc.exe in current path.

Please download the latest version of Microsoft CAB SDK (dated 1997),

install it and copy CabArc.exe to D:\WINDOWS\system32

* Microsoft CAB SDK can be downloaded from here: http://tinyurl.com/kdh8e

*** Press any key to exit . . .

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