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How to slipstream vista sp1


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kontini, because it is locked as Online package type (meaning you can only run it on the OS to which you will install it on).

For example Hotfixes are offline and online, so they can be integrated (offline).

Alpha versions of Service pack were like hotfixes so it was possible to integrate it, it was significantly bigger as well.

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Hi all!

I'm new to this whole game, but as I'm going to be formatting soon anyway I thought I might give this a shot.

I just wanted to check with you guys. I've got the Public Beta of SP1 RC1 downloaded (the 436 MB file) and I've used it to update this machine already. I know that it's at the very least time consuming to get SP1 integrated into a vlite image at this point.

My question is: you CAN still just install SP1 after the vlite install is done, right? It's not like the vlite install makes SP1 not install at all, right? I just want to make sure that will work-- the hour install doesn't bother me much at this point.


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If you remove some components (haven't tested which because it seems it's many of them) then it fails. So you can use vLite for tweaks, unattended and integrations, just don't remove components if you will install SP on that install.

Since I never installed SP on the machine without reinstalling integrated one I don't see this as a minus. It is for average users but then again they shouldn't tamper with the OS in the first place.

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