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File associations not set when using Addons in XP x64 edition


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As the title states, if I create an install media using AddOns, then file associations are not set.

However if I call the regular end-user installers from RunOnce with the usual silent install switches they work.

Any ideas as to why and more importantly a general solution?

These failed:





Open Office

Adobe Reader


Skype (didn't install at all)

K-Lite Mega Codec

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That is really strange. I believe it has to do with the registry not being completely created at the time your installing the apps as part of addon's. I believe the current user hive is created after updates are done (svcpack addons). The reason it would work at run once is because the apps are changing the registry after its all setup. Do you have conflicting apps that install after your addon apps? Ones that might be stealing the associations?

I myself don't install apps as part of SVCpack any longer due to other strange issues. Theres not much of a difference if you do it during runonce if its all silent anyway.

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No conflicting applications, although I do have to force the icon for .doc files by importing a registry key, otherwise they look like they will be opened by Wordpad when they are actually opened by Open Office.

Again this problem doesn't occur with W2K (and probably not XP x86 either, but I haven't checked that).

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When i cant something setup or configured during first login stage after windows installation, i just add whatever command to a batch file, that i copy to windows startup folder, so that it is run as configured from there.

Which i then typically automate to reboot, and run after reboot is completed after windows finished installing.

This way, i ensure that registry settings, or software installations, are done properly, and not biased by windows installation.

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