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  1. ARGH Im tird of frying my barins out and still not be able to create a 3.o PE disk... Would someone care to upload one for me pls? Tx
  2. Hi there I would like to integrate a language pack into Windows 7 RC English. Vlite recognizes windows 7 and the language pack but can´t do the job. Any ideias? Tx
  3. Tx m8 I´ll give it a shot.
  4. Hello Is there any way of resetting the usb poll back do the xp default settings? I need to do it since my logitech gamepad isn´t working properly... Tx
  5. Thanks john. just 2 more questions. How can i edit the Run1_XP-64.bat file? edit, just found out. 2 easy 2 be true And is the addon to put in svcpack form or as exe?
  6. Sorry m8´s, but it´s time to a real noob question, since im one . What exactly it´s suposed to do with [Run1_XP-64.bat]? Is that to create a file? How? And put it where? Tx
  7. Hi m8´s Any solution for this problem? Im having the same issue and can´t figure it out
  8. I used to have that same problem and i got to the conclusion, that the issue source it is in deed the KB942763, the solution it is not to integrate it...
  9. Hi m8´´s Im taking my first steps in vlite, so i dont really know what are the better procedures using it to create a vlited Vista. My source is a Windows Vista x64 SP1 ENG, and i would like to integrate in it the Portuguese Language Pack and the hotfixes post SP1. What is advisable to integrate first in order to get the better results? Tx for your help and Nuhi for his great work.
  10. Hi again Actually i´ve been using boooggy´s slipsteamer for quite some time, so my mistake was not about that. Anyway, i´ve figured it out. The timezone issue was happening every time i tried to integrate windows update KB942763.
  11. Hi Im having the same kind of problems. Can you please specify what issue u´ve had in wmp11 slipstream? Tx
  12. Hi Boooggy. Tx for great work. Im posting to ask u, if is there any way of intregate WMP 11 in a WXP X64 with SP2, using your slipstreamer. Im not able of doing since the path to the Windows folder its coloured in pink. Can u give me a direct link to the WMP11 X64 addon? The one on the initial topic is not working... Tx again,m8.
  13. Hi Rado Tx for all the great great work. Im posting to ask u what´s the command line i gotta add in Everest Ultimate edition addon, in order for it to create a desktop shortcut. Tx again...
  14. Hi m8´s I would like to know how to add wallpapers to a Windows unattended cd. I´ve already found the "put in OEM folder", but i would like to keep enabled F6 function to install aditional drivers during Windows setup, so i wonder if there is any other way of doing it? Tx, AmdM

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