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Default User Profile Creation

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Is everyone creating the default user settings they want via registry tweaks then using the WSIM to copy the profile over to the default user?

Is there another way of possibly creating the default user profile like in XP you could create the profile then copy it over to the $OEM$ folders area and it would just copy it over during the installation.

Is there something similiar to this or a better way of creating the customized default user profile?

Is it possible to do a vista installation then customize the profile and then capture the image with imagex, then use this new wim image in your unattend and then set the copy profile setting to true and accomplish the customized default user now?

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I modify the default by mounting the install.wim and then loading the default users part of the registry into my registry and modifying it there, then saving it back. Sounds complicated but is rather easy to do.

read here

The default users reg is located at %systemdrive%\Users\Default\ntuser.dat

Always modify the registry with extreme caution.

reg load HKLM\test D:\Vista\Build\mount\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT

reg unload HKLM\test

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You don't even have to open your registry. You can do it all form a batch file.

Mount the install.wim

load the reg hive.

execute a .reg file changing all entries from "[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT" to "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\test"

unload the hive

unmount the install.wim

easy as pie

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