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  1. I still have not heard anything from the Vista deployment team. I am guessing they have not come up with a solution yet? UNATTEND2.xml
  2. Midiboy, I feel your pain. I have escalated this to Microsoft since we have some reps where I work and they hopefully have been looking at it this weekend and can have an answer as to why the SP1 slipstreamed build is so jacked up and a solution. As a backup plan, I am going to use my 100% functional Pre SP1 build with my XML that has been working on all vendors hardware for months now. I am going to install SP1 standalone silently after OOBE at login screen, adding a runonce reg key to install using setupcomplete.cmd to execute and using one more autologon launching a VB window up about the install and forcing a restart after the first part of the install. lol this sounds like the best way to go, it's only 444MB so not to bad. I'll let you guys know if these Micorosft guys come up with anything. Does anyone know if it is suggested to install after OOBE or is it better during audituser phase or another phase?
  3. Can any of you post your working Autounattend.xml with Vista Enterprise SP1? I am trying to figure out as to why it does not install on different vendors with my pre sp1 xml. It errors out when using this command in the specialize phase: %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /audit. Thanks
  4. Alucke, Glad to help but the real test is on a physical machine. Can you give this a shot and see if it still works. Thanks
  5. All I am getting inconsistent results now, it works on previously not working Fujistus but Dells and some Panasonics that were working now do not work lol. This is crazy.
  6. Midiboy I got the OOBE prompts to go away so far using %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /generalize /quiet /oobe /reboot /unattend:C:\Temp\Unattend.xml and adding the unattend.xml to C:\Temp when mounting the install.wim For some reason from the CDROM it didn't like it but it works on my Fujitsu and some Panasonics.
  7. Midiboy still no luck, I looked into the OOBE.xml this is really for branding and customization for if you want the windows visible. I created a new Unattend.xml which I am pointing to in the last audituser pass runsynchronous pass with %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /generalize /quiet /oobe /reboot /unattend:%AppsRoot%Install\Unattend.xml. Trying to tweak this to work and have it read at the end. See if you can do anything with this as well.
  8. Midiboy I removed the sysprep /quiet /audit command and added the deployment\reseal oobe option forceshutdown mode - audit and it installed fine on my Fujistu going to try on other models. I as well got the OS version, license terms agreement, username prompts as well so I will be seeing if I can figure that out. Least the OS installs so far.
  9. Midiboy can you post your working xml for 32bit version. I am getting the Interactive logon error on fujitsu and panasonic model laptops not on Dells. I have not made the changes to the build yet that i was going to test.
  10. Midiboy, Yes I am using 32bit version with sp1 integrated from Microsoft and WAIK 1.1 2008 version. In specialize phase Windows-Deployment one of my RunSyncronous Commands has %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /audit - I noticed I had the WillReboot Option set to never in WSIM. Hmnnn Changing this to Always to see what happens. I'll let you guys know my results.
  11. I created a DVD and the shutdowns are not just in the VM's its also from the disk. Anyone experiencing this? I start the machine back up and it continues from the DVD and evenutally completes and everything works. Maybe the SP1 install requires a shutdown?
  12. I started from scratch this morning right after my previous post. Extracted the Vista Enterprise SP1 ISO to my iso folder, copied my install folder, appsroot file and my autounattend.xml from my previous (Pre-SP1 working Enterprise build) to this iso folder. I executed WSIM selected my autounattend.xml, selected the install.wim from sources and saved it. then ran my script to make an iso and loaded up a new vm with this. The interesting this is it still shutsdown where it has always crashed, but I launched it again and it then goes through the rest of the passes from the autounattend.xml. This is a Microsoft Virtual PC bug I am guessing because I have made three new builds modifying the install.wim and it continues to shutdown but when restarted continues as it should. Guess autoreboot does not always work (Microsoft Product) I attached my XML hope this helps.
  13. I have the same problem with Vista Enterprise with SP1 slipstreamed from Microsoft: If you use the OEM disk files WIM unmodified and use your current XML then it works. If you use the OEM files then modify the install.wim and in the specialize area of the xml it only works with the two runsynchornous commands only in there. I found anything else in specialize phase will hang the install throwing out the error message and shutting the machine down. Think I am going to burn the OEM Vista Enteprise Disk Tomorrow and see if it shutsdown during the sysprep screen where the I used to get the interactive logon error.
  14. Razormoon, Have you or anyone tried the $OEM$\$Docs\Default in Vista. I was referring to the old $OEM$ path that I used when I did the XP unattended.
  15. xrikazen, I am using the CopyProfile setting (true) in the specialize phase. I was just wondering if there was a different way of creating a profile ahead of time like in XP when you just copy it in the $OEM$\Docs\Default User folder and then during the install that would copy over. So I guess regtweaks to customize the profile then the unattend will copy the profile is the only way to go?

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