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[SOLVED] VB6 Displaying EXEName in Splashscreen

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Hi there,

I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience of VB6 might be able to help me out with this...

I'm using a generic splash screen script which works fine as is, but I have no idea how to get the name of the exe to be displayed as the splash appears.

The purpose is so that whatever the splash screen exe is named as, will appear in the splash, (without the .exe part)


If I were to rename the splash exe to nlitened.exe, it will display this:


Hope I explained it well enough :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance

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In fact no, you didn't explained it well. If the name of the executable appears on the form, it's because there is a control on that form to show it. It will not be there by magic.

Look at the form and remove the right bottom control. You didn't include the form in the attachment so I can't help you more.

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Thought I included everything in the attachment that makes the splash work?! And I wasn't expecting magic, just some helpful advice :/


Thanks Tarun, seems I can't achieve the dynamic text from the exe name then, if I understand you correctly, cheers for looking anyway.

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