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XP with RyanVM addons, and Driverbase?

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Hey all,

A quick question for you.

Im making up a XP cd. I want to sliptream all Ryans updates. I have done this and tested it. It works fine. I also want to slipstream all the driver packs. I have done this and it works fine. However when doing both together, I cannot get it to work. Is it possible? CHeers.

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Coincidentally thats the exact thing i was doing today. It worked perfectly for me when i slipstream the RyanVm Update pack 2.1.11 then Sneaky's driverpacks.. After this i just removed components and added other addons such as themes, IE7 and MP11. I slipstreamed all driverpacks. In what order do you normally do it?

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So u mean to say...

1) RVM update the XP installation

2) Add the addons with Nlite/Unattend cd creater etc.

3) Integrate the driver packs

am i right????

Please give exact procedure to follow..

Should i follow "lennierv" as he has successfully done this..

1) RVM update

2) Drivers Pack

3) Addons...

Hey lennierv how did u added addons...??

I will be using Nlite 1.4 beta..

I also want to Update my installation with RVM updates and Drivers pack allll of them and with all my addons WMP11, IE7, Adobe Reader Etc.. ;)

What will be proper approach in achieving this..

1) RVM Updates 2.1.11

2) Addons like IE7, WMP11, Office2003, AReader 8, Themes, Winrar, Winzip, etc

3) Vista / Crystal / Vista inspirant / transformation Packs

4) Registry tweaks

5) Installation Screens

Which is better Nlite or WUCD Creater


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