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  1. Hey all, A quick question for you. Im making up a XP cd. I want to sliptream all Ryans updates. I have done this and tested it. It works fine. I also want to slipstream all the driver packs. I have done this and it works fine. However when doing both together, I cannot get it to work. Is it possible? CHeers.
  2. Hey all, welcome! Here is the problem. User places a shortcut on their desktop. Say www.google.com. When they double click they get "page cannot be displayed". I noticed when looking at the status bar in IE, its actually looking for google's IP address of 69.149.X.X (whatever it is), befiore displaying "page cannot be displayed". Wierd thing is once this "page cannot be displayed" is up, the user can hit refresh and bam, google comes up! Now, I do an ns lookup on that IP address, and no luck at all, but an ns lookup on www.google.com returns fine. This to me states it is a DNS or reverse DNS issue, but I dont know to much about DNS so I am looking for some advice on where to go from here. Cheers. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey all, One of my users is having some issues. One of which is when he loads a shortcut on his desktop (or any url in IE the first time it opens), say www.google.com, the initial page returns page not found, but hitting F5, and whala page shows up no worries at all. Same thing happens with links in emails. Clicks on them, page returns not found, refresh, and works fine. Only this user is having this problem. Any ideas? XP, on a 2003 domain. Thanks everyone. Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  4. Ok. I have virtual PC, and Virtual server installed on a machine. The machine is a Pentium 4 1.7Ghz, 1.2G RAM, and 80GB hdd. Now, it seems to take an incredibly long time to install windows xp on a virtual machine, etc, yet CPU usage hovers around 10-15% and then back to 0%. Would a really beefy machine like a dual core make any difference here, or is it just the nature of VM environments? Bassically im looking to setup three Server 2003 environments like exchange, AD, etc, and also a couple of XP machines. Anyone have any idea what sort of spec equipment I would need to have smooth performance here? Cheers.
  5. Hey thanks for the fast reply. OK, so i have an understanding of how this works, I create an OU in AD, when I go to GPMC, I create a GPO in that OU and it is applied to every user in that OU?....Im a little confused by you saying it cannot be applied to groups but users...It can be applied to OU's correct? I have had a look at out work setup and they have it setup as follows: Domail.local GPO... GPO... GPO... ETC... Then they have a couple of OU's, with specific GPO in them. I though it was good practice rather than having them right under the domain.loca, to use OU's to organize this. BTW, that "Domain Users" OU, is that in AD/GP by default, cause its not in our work structure, have to check mine...
  6. OK...hi everyone to start with. Im new here. FIRST POST! OK, I have setup a windows 2003 server, and a windows XP machine to play with group policy, etc. On the server I have AD, and have installed the GPMC. I know how to use AD, so thats not new to me, but I am new to GP, although it appeared very simple. After reading other posts, let me clearly state, I have installed AD I have setup an OU called Call Centre In that OU I have a group called Call Centre Users In that Group is a user In GP, I have created a GPO under Call Centre I have setup do not allow CMD to be used The GP is Linked The GP is Enabled I have added Call Centre Users to the security filter, and removed authorized users I have done a GPUPdate on the client, no luck I have removed the profile, and tried again, no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Seems like I have covered everything.. Thanks.

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