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Well, today it hit 93'F, sunny, and it was extremely humid -_-

Luckily today I wasn't outside all day, but yesterday and Monday I was. It was about 91'f and 89'f respectively. Did a compressor change for a refrigeration unit for a wind tunnel. This compressor was massive :blink:

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It was 33C in Montreal today!!!!! It felt like 42!!! I was dying of heat outside. Had to stay indoors or at least in a place with a nice cool breeze. For all of you folks using the Fahrenheit scale... Was 91F, felt like 108F!

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Boo Fahrenheit!!! The temperature scale that makes no sense!!!! :P



!!! Fahrenheit makes perfect sense. 32'F is the temperature in which water freezes, in metric, 0' is the temperature at which water freezes. Creating a temperature scale based entirely on what temperatures water both boils and freezes at, is what makes no sense. :wacko:

Anyway, Fahrenheit is much better, in the HVAC trade that is. First off, you can't get to certain temperatures in Celsius that you can in Fahrenheit. Such as, 72'F (Average room temperature), it is 22.222222'C. So, that's no good because then thermostats would have to have more digits on the display, and that would probably drive the cost up on them. Plus, it would look stupid to see 22.2222'C as your setpoint on your thermostat, wouldn't you agree? I'd rather see 73 on my display, than 22.77777777777778 :rolleyes:

Secondly, Celsius is geared to water, which makes no sense. Fahrenheit is a much better scale of temperature in the HVAC trade. Also, another big thing with it, America still uses the imperial system, and since most of Canada's HVAC parts are manufactured there, it makes no sense for the Americans to use the metric system.

Metric system = tool of the devil :angel



Today, it hit 97'F, 56% RH and sunny. I spent ALL DAY on a d*** roof, I'm so tired. Ice cold shower felt so great ^_^


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@prx984 (and everyone else interested) - Imperial vs Metric. Let's have a good debate about that there. :yes:


A few clouds

Wind - E 15km/h

Relative Humidity - 82%

Dewpoint - 12°C

Pressure - 101.12 kPa

Visibility - 24.0 km

Ceiling - unlimited

That's 59F, 9mph, 53F, 1,011.20mb,and 14.9miles for all you imperials out there. :P

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