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Found 3 results

  1. I've got MSE 4.4.304 installed per the consensus of it being the best version to install on XP. I'd like to get it working, and I'm perfectly fine with manually installing definitions, which is what I do on Vista anyways, and occasionally on W7 though auto-update there works on its own so that I never have a chance to download the definitions There's a procedure specified in the middle of this thread (now closed), from @heinoganda I believe: 1. Get the old good pe_patch.exe. 2. Rename mpam-fe.exe to TEMP.EXE 3. Use PE_PATCH to change "Sub-System Version" from 5.2 to 5.1 4. Use the reliable n7epsilon's PEChecksum.exe v. 1.4 to correct the PE Checksum. (or ModifyPE) 5. Rename TEMP.EXE to mpam-fe.exe and run it. I couldn't find PEChecksum, the file is no longer available, but ModifyPE works in XP. I changed Sub-System Version from 6.0 to 5.1 then clicked Save, then ran ModifyPE on it using: @echo off cd /D "%~dp0" modifype.exe TEMP.EXE -c pause Now, running the file, I don't see the "not a valid Win32 application" error, but nothing at all seems to happen. Thoughts? In Task Manager, I see TEMP.EXE for a couple seconds, then it disappears. I've tried killing MsMpEng.exe beforehand, and after TEMP.EXE exits that comes back up. Still red, no definitions installed. Previously, I also tried this script: However, this seems to auto-update MSE, which is not what I need - nor do I need it to download definitions. I'm just trying to install the mpam-fe.exe file I already have. I've also tried: For some reason, a minute or so after copying the files into that (originally empty) folder, they disappear. Not sure why, the folder is empty again. Seems that MSE is processing them, almost, but no change in the dashboard, everything is still red. Also tried this procedure: 1.239.450.0 is recommended, but I could only get MpSigStub from as new as mpam-fe 1.211.1490.0 without being TOO new... It runs, after about 30 seconds, it deletes the other extracted files in the directory, then exits. Again, it would SEEM that it was successful. Yet, MSE is as red as always. How can I actually install the current definitions? And if I can't install the current definitions, what are the latest definitions it will happily install?? **UPDATE:** Finally found some success! This page had it all: Turns out the definitions THEMSELVES did stop supporting XP at some point. I ran this one, and now my MSE is now yellow instead of red. That link in question (the latest XP-compatible mpam-fe.exe) is archived in the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive). I'm happy with that - I suppose it's yellow because it knows they are already old, and my MSE will never be green, and I should just live with that? Yellow is better than red, just want to know what I could expect here...
  2. Hey guys! I've been working on a retro rig recently. Specs are: 1.8 GHz Pentium IV 512MB of RAM 40GB HDD nVidia GeForce 6200 256MB PCI The problem lies in the last of the specs I've listed. In Windows ME (yeah, hate all you want, but as far as I'm concerned ME>98) my dual monitors work perfectly. Each is represented as it's own separate monitor and I'm able to run programs with that in mind. The problem I run into is with Windows 2000. In 2k, which I'm typing this from, I've tried 3 different nVidia drivers for my card and I've found no solution. I'm either left with an option for a mirrored display or a stretched between two monitors, instead of both being separate. I run Windows ME for my old games (Twisted Metal 1 and 2 PC FTW) but, at this rate, it's basically worthless for web browsing. That's something I rely on Windows 2000 for, and for other nostalgia related stuff. I'd love to be able to fix this issue with Win 2k, and if anyone has any insight it'd be greatly appreaciated. I've tried three versions of the nVidia drivers for 2k. 81.98 (the same version ME uses) 93.71 94.24 none work. Also, bonus questions! 1. What's the best browser for Windows ME (KernelEX included)? 2. What's the best anti-virus for Windows 2000? (Avast doesn't seem to want to update anymore, sadly)
  3. A week ago I installed Windows 7 and a day later downloaded Office 2013, after establishing a Microsoft account. The following day I received a call alleging to be Microsoft engineers stating they noticed significant infections on my desktop PC. They used showmypc to lead me around my computer and show me alleged virus evidence. I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent and pretty familiar with PCs, but the timing was right for the perps and I'm embarrased to say I fell hook, line and almost sinker. When the dust settled and I stopped just short of commiting my credit card for a $180 "license renewal", I disconnected from the call and tried to remove/uninstall showmypc. Unable to do this, I eventuially attempted a clean install with the Windows 7 disk. It allowed me to remove the existing two partitions and install Windows 7 on a new single partition. When the splash screen appeared, there was a small white icon in the lower left that was obviously not Microsoft generated, containing 4 or 5 "fishy" applet links and a very poor computerized voice describing them. I tried installing drivers from my Msi driver disk, which worked perfectly the first time, but this time got a error box stating the files couldn't be found. Rebooted the Win 7 disk and tried the repair option only to receive a message stating the repairs couldn't be accomplished. Used Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus and Windows Security Essentials but they found no virus or spyware. Thinking there might be a bug in the boot sector or MBR, launched bootrec.exe and tried to use FixMbr and FixBoot, but neither one was allowed to function.There are sites that chronicle similar incidences dating back a couple years, but nothing that I could find with a solution to my particular problem. Would appreciate any incite and suggestion that anyone might be able to provide. By the way, on a normal install of Windows 7, is there more than one partition created? Thanks.
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