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  1. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    xpize does not add any Windows Vista-style elements to Windows, and doesn't touch Windows Explorer's activity throbber, so I'm guessing that change was made by another modification tool you ran.
  2. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    The library already includes methods for patching binary files (it's used by the UxTheme patcher), but I haven't devised a way to express this in the Package XML format. I'll get on that. Note that because editing the .text section of a PE is inherently unsafe (and runs a massive potential of seriously messing things up) I'll need to restrict it to known tested versions and provide other safeguards. Thank you for the link.
  3. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    xpize 5 Release 7 omgnuts. I still need go through the installation feedback results people have been sending in, because there are a few bugs commonly reported (by pretty much 99% of all submitted results). But here are the major resource changes I'll be making: Seeming as Windows XP SP4 is not expected...ever (it doesn't look like we'll even get an Update Rollup) so I don't need to gamble on any major Windows system files changing. Here's the list of planned fixes. Some things might not necesarily be able to fix, however: Scheduled Task wizard banner is missingOutlook Express - 'home page' (aka 'tip of the day page') background image is a 1999-style monochrome JPEG that visibly tiles when the window is taller than 800px. There are also a few other 1999-style resources in there too.Internet Explorer 8 - I'll look into tidying up some of the artwork because I'm disappointed at how badly a lot of it came out as. It's hard to make original XP-style artwork without the vector originals, even harder when it's at the awkward 24x24 size.Other files I (and others) have identified:mobsync.execleanmgr.exemain.cpl - Mouse button picture (this was fixed in an earlier version of XPize but was reverted, I want to find out why)mstask.dllWordPad toolbarFreecell.exe And changes to Anolis.Installer (these will also apply to Vize, and Sevenize, and any other package making use of the updated installer): 'Advanced' tree view now pops out in a new resizable window, no more claustrophobiaFix a few astray iconsUse the HK flag for Chinese Traditional (and correct the spelling)Gimmie a few weeks, k?
  4. W3bbo


    Whilst we're at it, can people please post suggestions for fixes in this thread? Remember, Sevenize is about making Windows 7 more consistent and cohesive with other Microsoft products, it isn't about making Windows a garsh smorgasbord of crudly photoshopped wallpapers and Rainmeter skins. For example, I might include third-party wallpapers, but only if they're of exceptional quality and look like something Microsoft might produce themselves. As a 'developers commentary' I'll say I'm glad Windows 7 got rid of wizard sidebar images, those were a right pain to produce
  5. W3bbo

    Ok, lets migrate to Windows 7

    Some time within the next two weeks.
  6. W3bbo

    Ok, lets migrate to Windows 7

    I'm working with the author of the Windows 7 Refresh Pack on Sevenize
  7. W3bbo

    Vize 2.0 Release 1

    No, I'm focusing my efforts on Sevenize instead. The idea being that the sort of person who used Vize in the first place would be someone who is always using the latest Microsoft tech, I imagine most of the people who used Vista would now be using 7. Unless anyone objects?
  8. W3bbo

    How to unistall?

    The uninstallation log says it couldn't find the backup directory files. That's why it failed. I don't recommend using the I386 option as it doesn't give you a full proper install anyway, and backup directories are not transferable between systems, they're unique to that specific installation.
  9. W3bbo

    creating Transformation pack

    Hi there, I made a video tutorial about this on YouTube last year. Here: Part 2:
  10. W3bbo

    Release 7

    When I get round to it The number of issues with R6 so far is kinda small. I'm still thinking about it. The download links on the xpize site all work, including LiveDrive/SkyDrive/whatever Microsoft's calling it, xpize.net website, and deviantArt. If it still works, what's the problem? I'm not aware of any problems caused by xpize's current 'Lite' mode with any language version of Windows. Remember kids, "Premature Optimisation is the Root of All Evil" [Donald Knuth].
  11. W3bbo

    Ok, lets migrate to Windows 7

    I run Windows 7 Professional x64 on my laptop, but that's because it's what Sony put on there, and swapping it out for anything else just wouldn't work (you won't believe the hoops you have to jump through to get Linux working on a Vaio). Seeming as I now have first-hand experience of Windows 7, I'm more able to see potential problems, but most of the stuff is already listed on Windows7Taskforce, and many of the issues simply can't be fixed by just myself. I'm buried in coursework right now, so I will be neglecting Sevenize for the time being, unless anyone else fancies stepping up to the plate?
  12. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    I appreciate I'm posting 6 months after you, but I haven't received any reports of any issues with XFire or Steam since the 5.0 Beta, which was 18 months ago. I'm running Steam right now, and I play TF2 a lot without any issues.
  13. W3bbo

    Remove .Net Framework 2 After Install?

    The .NET Framework 2.0 uses about 40MB of disk-space. That's nothing compared to the few hundred megabytes' worth of system files that xpize backups during setup. Frankly 4GB isn't enough for even Windows XP anymore. The C:\Windows directory on my computer is already 18GB, and my Program Files is many times that. You're better off upgrading to a much larger HDD, 4GB is actually less than the System Requirements for Windows XP stipulates anyway. By uninstalling small things like the .NET Framework I believe you're being "pennywise and pound-foolish". You can uninstall the .NET Framework 2.0 after installing xpize as there are no running processes that depend upon it, though if you want to uninstall you must reinstall .NET.
  14. W3bbo

    Computer Bild Italia

    I recently received another email, telling me that we're going to be on the cover CD of "Computer Bild Italia". Can any Italians here take a look into this? Thanks.
  15. W3bbo

    Still waiting for Release 7

    It's exam season for me. Ask again in 4 weeks' time.
  16. I don't know what causes that appearance. My guess is running at a non-4:3 desktop resolution. Are you running at 16:10 or 16:9 perchance? First off, restart your computer You can run HellRacer's installer from the command-line with the /ignoreCondition switch.
  17. W3bbo

    Problem after installation xpize 5 r6

    During xpize setup, the "Lite" option is automatically checked if you're running non-English versions of Windows. Is it possible that you un-checked this option during setup? You can uninstall xpize by going Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > xpize
  18. W3bbo

    PC Praxis

    The cover DVD product manager of "PC Praxis" magazine in Germany approached me to ask if he can put xpize on the next issue of the magazine. I told him yes, so if any of you lot can snag a copy of the next issue and upload some scans let me know
  19. W3bbo

    PC Praxis

    Just for the record, it is common practice ( and a sign of normal courtesy/politeness) to send to the Author a number of copies (at least one) of the publication that includes his/her work, as soon as it is actually published. It is strange that you weren't offered this. jaclaz Not in my experience. In a past life I was an online journalist for one of IGN/GameSpy's properties and we frequently covered game mods so we often came across mods featured in magazine like PC Gamer and we always saw the mod dev team asking people on their forums for scans or copies because often their mention was only in a sidebar or a mini-article, hardly ever a main feature.
  20. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Can you boot into safemode by pressing F8 during startup?
  21. W3bbo

    Release 7

    Tempting, but VistaSwitcher doesn't seem to have the old XP-style that TaskSwitchXP has; remember that xpize is about making XP more like XP and not with those out-of-place Vista and 2000 bits.
  22. W3bbo

    What I'm working on

    I've uploaded it to CodePlex: http://pinkegobox.codeplex.com/ Enjoy. Only MSNP2 is implemented, which means it supports MSN Messenger 1.0 and 2.0, and that's it. I reckon I can go as far as MSNP8, which is MSN Messenger 6, before things start getting too complicated for a single guy to write (because they changed everything in MSNP9).
  23. W3bbo

    What I'm working on

    Because I don't have any xpize files on my laptop (and I'm currently away from my main computer) I've been working on something else to pass the time and to add to my resume: I'm a bit of a nostalgia-tripper: some people (myself included) experience strong emotional effects when reminiscing about past events in life, and lately I've had a few, for example I recently learned my old elementary school was demolished in 2006, which is pretty sad. So anyway, on that note I thought I'd revisit 1999 again and implement a server for MSN Messenger 1.0 to connect to. Here's a nice screenshot: But I've hit a snag in development: the client hangs after receiving the last of the LST lines. The documents I'm basing my server implementation on predate the release of the official client by a few months and Microsoft made various changes since then. I've shot emails off to various people who might be able to give me an answer, until then I guess this little project is on hold too.
  24. W3bbo

    XPIZE 5

    Strange. I had the same problem with a Windows Server 2008 box a few months ago (I ended up upgrading to 2008R2). A problem like this is most likely caused by a bad driver (as most BSoDs are) Given you can't boot into Safe Mode and restoring your system manually might be too complicated. I'd say your best bet is reinstalling Windows.
  25. W3bbo

    XPIZE 5

    Can you boot in Safe Mode?