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  1. I don't think it's being worked on at this point. Even the website has expired now. If you want a great alternative, try Steam Big Picture mode. You can load pratically any application into it include emulators (using Ice for steam): You can exit right back into the launcher, which is nice for sitting back. If you want something that's really light and easy to setup, try GameGO. It's fairly new so there will be bugs, but it has a lot of potential. There's also EmulationStation and Launchbox (Big Box mode is not free).
  2. The new build for Windows 10 caused this issue. It's a very easy fix, but I'll need to get Windows 10 again before I can fix it.
  3. Looks like the latest build of Windows 10 (build 9860) has finally broken OldNewExplorer Seeing that this isn't a very high priority for Tihiy, hopefully someone will come up with another solution to remove the ribbon or get back the old style explorer.
  4. Good news everyone, themes from build 9841 are still compatible with 9860, however, what isn't compatible is ONE or Ribbon disabler. Another thing to note is that these themes will not have the new animations found in build 9860 if you choose to apply them.
  5. Just updated my theme Licorice to Windows 10 Technical Preview: Link
  6. Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some good news for people who had used BorderSkin before. What is BorderSkin? BorderSkin was an app for Windows XP that brought Aero Glass from Windows Vista and 7 using very little resources and had dozens of themes to pick from. That was 3 years ago and now with the release of Windows 10 in the near future, the author is now debating on whether or not he should continue developing it. What makes this different from Glass8? The difference is that BorderSkin runs on top of Windows allowing users to change skins on the fly while Glass8 hooks onto the DWM and brings aero that way. Also, this is currently free, so I think it may appeal to a bigger audience. More info here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/still-using-BorderSkin-IconPackager-alternative-488570187
  7. What's the specs of your computer? Have you tried updating all the drivers as well?
  8. Hi everyone, Just thought I dropped by to share my theme "Silk" for Windows 8.1: More info and download here: http://link6155.deviantart.com/art/Silk-462329766
  9. Hey, how do you revert the changes made to the registry?
  10. Here's a theme I made: http://vanillasuite.altervista.org Hope you guys like it
  11. Everything works, except for one small bug. When I enable "everything at once", my Logitech t650 touchpad 3 finger up gesture (opens start screen) gets a 1-2 seconds delay before it opens up the start screen. Not sure why this happens, but it only happens when I have that feature of SIB enabled.
  12. Actually the UXStyle service just stopped working. All you have to do is restart it up in task manager and everything should be fine. UXStyle is safer then UXThemePatcher because it uses a service rather then modifying your system.
  13. Updated my theme Acid to Beta now: More information here: http://fav.me/d64h5fl
  14. I've made a few themes for Windows 8: More information + download: http://link6155.deviantart.com/art/Acid-Alpha-for-Windows-8-370315713?q=gallery%3Alink6155&qo=0 More information + download: http://link6155.deviantart.com/art/Base-for-Windows-8-358462823 More information + download: http://link6155.deviantart.com/art/Simplex-RC-for-Windows-8-355032339?q=gallery%3Alink6155%2F13613522&qo=11
  15. Not sure if this is caused by StartIsBack, but I too noticed my system crashes when I had startisback. I currently don't have startisback and my system hasn't crash. Every time my system crash (after boot screen it shows a flickering black screen), I had startisback each time. Could be a coincidence, but maybe it's worth looking into since it has happened to me many many times.
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