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  1. this is not very strong arguement

    you say Win7 needs a better CPU to show that it's superior to WinXP

    but if I use a better CPU with WinXP it may end up faster than Win7 with that better CPU!

    I think it MUST be expected that Win7 must perform better with even the pretty much same CPU, in comparison with WinXP, that's what we should call a leap forward

  2. hello

    I managed to get a new laptop that has Intel Celeron 900 processor, 2GB RAM of unknown speed and Windows 7 64bit system, which is a signigicant upgrade from the previous laptop of Intel 2050, WinXP 32bit Pro.

    What I expected from this upgrade:

    1) faster boot and shut down speeds

    2) more responsive system

    3) system that is able to hold more open windows/apps

    4) new innovative functionality from OS

    instead, I noticed almost NONE improvement

    the only innovation I saw in Win7 is the start menu and its ability to search there (oh, I really don't care about fancy animations while opening or closing windows)

    do I miss something?

    what does Win7 offer over WinXP?

    what does 64bit offer over 32bit?

    what do newer processors offer over old ones?

    are there any tests to see the supposed improvement?


  3. hello

    a laptop hard disk has some problem, it makes sounds and does not boot in XP (it stays in the boot screen for hours)

    what can I do to safely and fully recover all the data?

    i was thinking somehow (via an adapter or something) to connect the drive to another pc/laptop, then produce an image of the problematic drive, then buy a new laptop drive, load the image on it, install the new drive to the problematic laptop

    is this the way to go? i am asking, because i really do not want to loose the data of that disk


  4. hello

    i have a dying laptop (years old technology) with XP Pro installed and I want to transfer the OS, parameters, files, documents etc to a new pc that has other hardware ofcourse (latest technology)

    is there any way?


  5. there it says:

    "To delete the add-in from your computer, manually delete the file from its folder in Windows."

    how do i find its folder?

    is deleting the file enough, or registry entries or other files and parameters are left? how can i properly and fully uninstall office plugins?


  6. unfortunately it is not the same

    you must realize that images in pdf files are of two kinds:

    1) embeded and able to be extracted using tools as the above (pdf editors recognize them and you can extract them)

    2) hardcoded into the pdf file and not being able to be extracted (pdf editors cannot recognize them, they see them as background)

  7. hello

    i need to take a screenshot of a pdf file

    i think this is the only way to extract non-text data (if not correct me)

    but i need the screenshot in good quality, so it must be taken in specific dpi

    if i zoom so much the pdf to reach the specific dpi, it will be hard to take the screenshot, because the margins of the area to be screenshotd will be out of the screen

    there is a pdf editor that lets you specify the margins (with the usual drag rectangular tool) and then asks you in which dpi you want the screenshot

    then it automatically zooms, takes the screenshot and restores zoom and saves the screenshot

    does anyone know this tool or any better? or any other way?


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