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  1. hello

    I have Win XP Pro and I trimmed it with nlite

    now that I need to add "US International keyboard" I get this msg:


    how can I check I have not included in the installation CD? (I don't have the .ini any more)

    also, is there a way to add it now?


  2. hello

    I bought a new USB stick (no installation CD included)

    I run fairly modern laptop, Intel T2050 Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, XP Pro...

    however, connecting the USB stick does nothing, I don't get the popup "new hardware found"

    what can I do?


  3. by the way I noticed that the disc is DVD-RW !! but as above it appears as CD

    ... You can't read a DVD-RW in a CD drive. If that is the case (always be careful when stating the obvious :rolleyes: ).

    this is not the problem, since the drive reads everything, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, etc

  4. putting it in his pc shows the files

    I will tell him to finalize the CD, although I wouldn't like to finalize it, isn't there a way to read a non-finalized CD?

    the CD appears with no files and the properties are these:


    can you check from the properties that it is not finalized?

    by the way I noticed that the disc is DVD-RW !! but as above it appears as CD

  5. hello

    is there a wired landline phone that will work with a bluetooth headset?

    or if you know a convinient way to talk to a wired landline phone without occupying your hands and that will enable you to move to another room without having to carry all the phone with you

    DECT and other wireless technologies apart from bluetooth are not desired, since they produce too much radiation for 1-2 hours a day usage


  6. hello

    I open a doc in office 2003, I search for a term, then I close the file, but office asks me to save the... "changes"

    what kind of changes did I make by searching for a term?

    why it asks so?


  7. installation on my current OS I am using, WinXP Pro SP2 32bit

    PS: also, where I download it from? thanks

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