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  1. hello

    is there a way to predifined in my XP installation these:

    - make specific filetypes open with specific program

    - customize Windows Explorer columns in Folder view and apply to all folders

    - customize Task Manager columns

    btw, is there a better method to create a custom WinXP installation apart from nlite?


  2. hello

    in my Control Panel under Network Settings, I see these:


    why do I have 'two' connections there, while I just have plugged the ethernet cable?

    Local Area Connection


    1394 connection (it looks like a historic date lol)

    do i need both in order to be connected to internet?


  3. you know what is the biggest problem with linux, openoffice, and most of the other similar stuff?

    that they are failed knock-offs of the originals, MS XP, MS Office, etc...

    there is no innovation, no radical alterations, no ambition to go further, where no one has ever been

    once you install linux, you get disappointed that you installed an OS that looks like a production of students or amateurs, trying to copy and simulate as much as possible the MS OS, like an exam 'create by yourself an OS that looks MS OS as much as possible'

    many people have TONS of ideas to implement, but no one cares

    okay, maybe linux is more stable (which I doubt), but as for user interface and features and convenience and capabilites... it does not deliver the customizability, the innovation, etc I was expecting

  4. hello

    what i dont like in all OS i 've tried, is that the options are not in one place

    in XP, after many years of usage, you may be astonished to discover a new setting/option hidden few clicks far, in some context menus, tabs, buttons etc

    same goes with MS Office etc and unfortunately this problem is present in many apps

    the right way to go is to have ALL the settings/options/preferences, sensibly categorized in one single place, either is called Control Panel, or Preferences menu, or Settings or whatever

    is it so hard to do it the right way, or they do not realize that this is the right way?

    so, is there an OS that does not have this problem?


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