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  1. here are the minidumps also here is the situtuation: thanks! Mini092912-06.zip
  2. Hello! After trying to move, merge, delete, etc some partitions in my system, using EaseUS, I got a bsod (maybe Avast prevented it and it crashed? who knows) After reboot, my winxp in windows explorer, shows my disk with wrong total size and in disk manager, winxp shows the disk with the wrong total capacity in the list, but with the correct capacity in the graphical appearance at the bottom, however all blue and without any unallocated space! Moreover, after reboot and some seconds after winxp logon, i get a bsod saying system "service exception" In safe mode, the system seems stable, but it also reports incorrectly the total disk size what can I do? Thanks!
  3. can you explain the steps of the procedure please? didnt get it
  4. it seems to do what I need how does it work actually? does it write some registry key or something? I would like to know the procedure, in order to do it without having to install the program
  5. Hello! I want to have a permanent shortcut of an xlsx file at the right of the taskbar I dont want to click on the excel shortcut and choose the file, I want a direct shortcut to the file at that position Is it possible? Thanks!
  6. hello! I try to select a program to open a specific file extension, by clicking Open with... then navigating to the appropriate .exe, but WinXP doesn't enter that .exe in the list what is the problem? any solution? thanks!
  7. it exists! however, my webcam works when I open skype :/ not sure why, i mean, shouldnt it work standalone?
  8. hello! I run WinXP64 (yeah, I know an extremely obsolete OS, since not even MS Security Essentials do not support it!) I dont remember if I have stripped it down with nlite and if yes, if i have removed webcam support anyway, i connect the usb cable of my Microsoft VX-800 webcam and nothing happens any idea? thanks!!
  9. hello! there is something very strange that started recently to happen in my WinXP64 when I switch keyboard/language in any of the web browsers I use (and not in other programs, like text editors, etc), they freeze! is this some kind of virus? thanks!
  10. it is for personal use, not for commercial use, ofcourse
  11. umm, how explain it better... I want to take advantage of IE that is present in every PC and it can open every doc, pdf, etc file and create a program that utilizes this to open those files in a IE window that will be embedded in the program window
  12. this is what I need, but the problem is how to utilize it as a part of another program, created by a simple programming/scripting language
  13. hello! I know that pdf files can be opened and displayed inside IE, probably by IE a relative plugin can this be done with doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, etc files? also, how can I utilize this feature of IE and open all the above files inside a custom window of a program I write? thanks!
  14. hello! I really need to display thumbnails in WinXP Exporer bigger than the biggest possible setting with TweakUI I want them to display 4 by page and not only 12 per page as they do in the max setting is this possible? thanks!
  15. hello is there a complete guide to make Win7 look and behave as much as possible like WinXP? thanks!
  16. I really dont know :/ in the above window, when I choose "find..." I input some possible names etc with no luck if I choose the other two options below, will I succeed? I need to know the name or url of the printer, how can I derive it from the other already existing instance of the printer in Control Panel?
  17. how do I do this exactly? I am basically stuck here:
  18. hello! there is a network printer in my pc, but I want to add it again (a duplicate entry) but with another tray chosen as default how can I do this? thanks!
  19. hello! how do I disable WinXP to offer to free up memory from clipboard, after I put large amount of memory in clipboard in specific programs, like Outlook, Excel, etc? thanks!
  20. hello! when I try to open a file that its filetype is not associated with any program, WinXP offers to check on internet about it, I remember there is a setting that disables this, any hint? thanks!
  21. have you post anywhere this script?thanks! Have you tried to manually find the files and install them like the first several posts instruct?You're welcome! yeah, I have worked it out manually, though I had to go here and there and do stuff, and since this request is frequent, I thought maybe a script already existed
  22. have you post anywhere this script? thanks!
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