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  1. lol Marsden you are so right. However, you have missed the two most important solutions Switch off the internet lock it in a room and throw away the key.
  2. check your router for firmware upgrades, a new one ,might do dhcp and allow for statics as well
  3. I always thought that the idea of VPN was to cut off the host pc from all local network traffic. I would expect any VPN software to be able to check for more nics on the host machine and possibly block them too ( well they should do if they don't).
  4. I used to be a network admin. Password sharing is punishable by removing all access to your PC for 2 years or death. Sharing passwords at any level can cause problems. Your friend could surf and do something with your details and as the account is assigned to you, you would b held accountable. I always used to say to people. 'Would you give your credit card pin to someone?" its basically the same thing
  5. I took absolutley ages to work this out. Basically ICS, sets up its own mini dhcp and dns server, these will be conflicting with your 2003 server. There are two options (unless I am totally wrong cuz 2003 may be ok with this, anyone feel free to correct me) 1. Use a third party product to do your connection sharing 2. Set up 2003 dns and dhcp to correctly route your traffic 3. Do like i did and shell out on a broadband/adsl router, origo do one via ebuyer for about £30 good luck
  6. ok, so ive put the files back and am now getting the problem with the update now button not working. I have tried all what MS say on their site and still no joy. It does mention that microsoft are still researching this problem. I suppose for now I'll just have to get the files off the hotfixes thread. BTW, it all works hunky dory on a vmware session with the same build but all files back to the c drive. Me's thinking it could be a dodgy registry setting somewhere mmmmmmmmmm
  7. Ever since I have gone SP1a and have redirected my progfiles dir to the d: drive I am no longer able to DL, Windows Updates off the MS site. I receive an error of 80070052 looking this up on the help does not resolve my problem. Also, the automatic updates service fails to start with an error. It's really winding me up atm any help appreciated. Steve
  8. nope, not solved me problem. I can't even find the windowsupdate folder, even after unhiding all files and system ones
  9. Since doing an unattended setup and switching my program files to my d drive, i can no longer get windows update, receiving the below error number. Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page. Select from any of the following pages for information about Windows Update services, or send us your feedback (0x80070052) This is when i click on windows update and go to the ms website hellllllllllllllllppppppppppppppp

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