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  1. I have a bunch (175) of machines with duplicate GUIDs. IS there a tools that's out there that will allow me to reset the GUID on those machines? If not how can I manually reset the GUID on a mchine without re-imaging it? Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  2. I noticed that there is not a Bin folder created when you compile a web project in using VS 2005 Beta 2. Can someone explain how this new process works. I've been doing some testing and everything works fine on my box, but when I upload the project to my server I get an error.
  3. Does anyone no how to back SQL to a NAs Device?
  4. You can schedule the Microsoft Critical Updates to either; Notify, Download or Download and install. I would choose the latter and schedule the service to run in a pattern that would not cripple your network. Or you can use Microsoft's SUS solution, but it will only download, it will not distribute to your clients.
  5. The recent Sasser virus crippled several of our machines last week. The numbers aren’t in yet but it probably cost us thousands of dollars in down time and repairs. In one of our locations we’ve been using an application called Deep Freeze. When a machine is in a frozen state no matter what you do to the machine, when it restarts the PC is restored. It’s a cool tool, and none of those machine had the virus (if they did they were rebooted so we didn’t know about it). One of our over zealous network guys suggested to senior managment that we should move our entire organization from Win 2K to Win XP, enable XPs firewall, install Deep Freeze on every PC and lock down the entire organization. The idea sounds good in theory, but I do have a couple of concerns: Deep Freeze also has the ability to give users “thawed space”. Essentially this allows users to maintain their person files in a folder that is not affected by the machine rebooting. To administer a machine with DF you have to reboot it into thawed mode, make changes, and reboot back into a frozen state. It does however have the ability to allow automatic maintenance scheduling for Windows updates, etc. After reading my problem I would like to hear what you think. Putting WinXP on 500 machines is going to be a big project for us. We have a staff of 5 and a mix and match of Dell machines. Is Deep Freeze the answer or are we asking for more problems? Is there another way of doing this?
  6. I'm receiving the following error when attempting to connect to my Portal. The .Net Data SQL Provider (System.Data.SqlClient) requires Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC) version 2.6 or later. I installed the Starter Kit on the web server, but SQL Server is installed on another server. I have made the necessary changes in my web.config and I've updated the server that SQL 2000 is running on to MDAC 2.6 and it's still not working. :/
  7. My boss is convinced that VS .Net is both a web development tool as well as a WYSIWYG. So I'm sort of stuck developing in it. Thanks for the feed back
  8. Is it just me or did Microsoft make Visual Studio .Net the most difficult application to develop web sites in? It would be nice if could find a book that explained the software's interface. I currently have every .Net book that is sold, and not one of them teaches (in depth) you how to use this bloated application. Macromedia here I come.
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