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  1. Hi undeadsoldier, I Googled for an answer on Live Messenger in Win2K. I got lots of questions asking how, but only one answer. Which appares to be install MSVCR80.dll first. Is that the way you mean ?
  2. Hi Guys, Been messing with this for the last couple of hours, with no luck. The media connect file undeadsoldier posted failed to install "Wrong OS for this update" I went back to Xbox.com and tried the two files they had, but no luck again. Thanks for trying Guys.
  3. @crahak, I'm with you on the Xbox thing, I still love the old Xbox with XBMC its played everything i've thrown at it. But the kids seem to think that playing games is more important. The 360 ONLY plays WMV, MPEG2 and MS-DVR videos from an MCE box, you'll have to use 3rd party apps to get it to play anything else. From an XP PC it'll play MP3's, WMA's, and pictures. @undeadsoldier, Thanks for the link, i'll give it go tomorrow night. Everything I tried lead me to Xbox.com but the links there only worked for XP.
  4. Hi guys, I didn't really know where to post this question, as it involves Consoles, Windows, Networking, and probably alot of hair pulling outing. Basically, we've got a "Family" server, running Win2k Server. It holds all the familys music, movies, photos and recorded TV. Allowing access to those files from any PC in the house. We also have an Xbox360, which will conect to the Media Centre PC and all the XP PC's. But not the Server. Anyone know of away to connect the 360 to Win2K Server ? So you can have full access to all the familes files without have to have shared folders everywhere. Thanks Guys.
  5. I've got another Dell laptop too: Although the report states model ME051, it say Inspiron 1300 on the case.
  6. Hi Guys, Had a couple of Dell laptops pass through last week, we already have the BIOS sets. But I thought i'd post the Computer Reports.
  7. Hi guys, I got another Philips today, BIOS set is the the same as the Advent set. Also has antoher messed up Computer Report
  8. Hi there, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I feel, i've got a better chance of getting an answer here, than the Handheld section. Which seems to be all about ipods, nintendos and not so smart phones. I've got a couple of handheld devices, both of which can access PC shares and the Net, via WiFi. What i'd like to know is, is it possible to have a share on the PDA ? One devices uses WM2003 the other WM5, if that helps. Thanks Guys,
  9. Yes, I'm joking. I thought I put (j/k) on the end of the first post. Ooop's... I just thought it was funny, when I saw To Be Filled By O.E.M. in the Manufacturer field.
  10. Hi FreeStyler, Theres no OEMBIOS set for it, or any need for a DMI fix. Its an MSI barebones system [case, motherboard, cpu, and RAM] that one of the guys here bought, so I could upgrde his old system. After adding his old HDD, vidcard and installing his own Retail HomeXP, I did a Computer Report, and thought i'd post the results.
  11. @ LLXX and ripken204, The temps were fine low 30's even while sitting in front of a sunny window. I left the system ruinning at the BIOS H/W monitor page to check to and see if it was locking up with the heat, or after a set time. But it just sat there happily for over 3 hours. @ Everyone, Seems everyone was hinting at the RAM, I bit the bullet and bought another 512mb stick today. [generic make] Replaced the Kingston stick, booted up, and Windows installed perfectly. Thanks for all your help guys.
  12. Hey Guys, Anyone got a BIOS set that'll work on this MSI barebones system ????? ComputerReport:
  13. @puntoMX, Not alot of luck there. I downloaded the ISO version of Memtest, on first boot it didn't get as far as printing the commands on the status bar. Second attempt, the test started but then locked up after a second or so. Upon rebooting, post Initialized USB controllers, found 24mb [of RAM i guess] and locked up. Had to clear the CMOS to get it booting again. p.s. I'm not worried what it says in Japanese, or in English for that matter. 'Cos i don't think the guy in the shop could read either.
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to upgrade my daughters PC, [an old eMachine 620] for her birthday. I bought a new Intel Celeron D 3.06ghz, 512mb of Kingston DDR2, a MSI RC410M mATX motorboard, and an Antec 380w PSU. All parts appear to work fine, until I try to install Windows, where it hangs at the begining of the 'Setup is loading files' screen. I've used two different Windows OEM disks, two different DVD drives, 2 HDD's 1x IDE 1x SATA, and two different IDE cables 1x 40pin 1x 80pin, on both IDE channels, all hang at the same place. I even tried the 'Load default settings' in the BIOS, then went through all the BIOS setting following the user guide, but it still didn't make any difference. I then tried to run a Linux 'Live CD' but that just hung on boot too. It seems to me that it can't access the HDD, even though it can see it from the BIOS. Anyone here come across this problem before ? Have any experience with this motherboard, and its settings ? Or just got any ideas of what could be happening ? Thanks for your help guys.
  15. Now i've got these two PC's running heres the ComputerReports AMD iMedia Intel iMedia The model name appears to be the Motherboard type.
  16. Thats the key I got from the Packard Bell laptop, when I extracted the BIOS set from. Update That was the problem, I changed the key to one I knew was SLP and it activated on reboot. Thanks for all your help guys.
  17. Heres the report from the AMD: I'm trying a Pro install on the Intel at the moment, i'll post a report from it, when it finnishes.
  18. Hi Guys, I made a new UA disk with the newer D4D8DCA9 file set and did a fresh install, but it still wouldn't pre-active. We also got an AMD version in today, so I tried both UA disks on this one too, with the same results. There must be another Packard Bell set for these 'iMedia' PC's. Anyway, I did another debug test after the install, on both PC's with these results: NECC_ F000:BCBB F000:FF70 NEC Computers F000:06F1 F000:0814 NEC-PC and NEC_Product stayed blank. I hope the info is useful to someone.
  19. @Bezalel, I've been messing round with the BIOS changing the manufacturer strings back and forth allday. And god only knows what it'll say now. I grabbed the lastest BIOS from Packard Bell before I started messing with this. So i'll install that, do the debug check, make a new UA disk with the newer D4D8DCA9 file set, and do a fresh install. I'll post the results a little later. Update I did the debug and got these results: F000:BCBB F000:FF70
  20. Hi Guys, Heres the details i've dug up so far: DMI BIOS INFO: MGADiag: ComputerReport: I tried changing the BIOS Manufacturer DMI.exe from Packard Bell NEC to NECC_ but that didn't make any difference. @Bezalel Could you explain how or what to 'debug' ?All four files have the same CRC32 hashes as yours. BIN:323E2E81 CAT:82D4D6A4 DAT:9FB16BBC SIG:F8A681A8 They're the files I extacted from a Packard Bell laptop which was running Home SP1. @FreeStyler I've tried both sets, I thought the first one may have failed because the files were newer than the PC. So I then tried the older 'NEC & PACKARDBELL-323E2E81' set, which still didn't work.
  21. Anyone had any problems with the Packard Bell fileset ? I've got a Packard Bell P4 2.5Ghz here, [no model name that I can see, but it has a long blue oval around the switches on the front] I've tried both Home and Pro with the OEMBIOS fileset, without any luck. Anyone got any ideas ?
  22. @WolfX2, Thanks for the offer, I've been playing with Vista Beta2 for a while now. So i'll steal a couple of the images from your first post instead.
  23. WOW !!! They're nice, WolfX2. I like the idea of adding your own image into the folder image. I tried it a couple of times with XP's folders, but never got anything nice enough to use.
  24. Only if you don't use the letters uvwxyz I guess somebody didn't watch all of Sesame Street.
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