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  1. x64 drivers are still an issue here. Last time i tried installing i had problems with SATA, SCSI, Printer and Scanner drivers. While the SCSI hardware is getting on abit, the HP printer/scanner is less than a year old.
  2. Hi Chris, We've got 2 Dual Core 64bit boxes here 1x AMD X2 and 1x Intel Pentium D, both run perfectly fine with 32bit OS's.
  3. Hi nitroshift, Thats the driver i tried at first, it fails to install. Error says someting about unsupported hardware. This is the driver that works infinst_autol.exe but it's not a x64 driver. Hence the confusion. Anyway i'll try adding the driver from the link you posted to my UA disk and see what happens.
  4. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm making an Unattended Winx64 disk, installing drivers via the winnt.sif. I'm having problems with the Intel chipset drivers. I've followed the instructions (in the readme) for 'installing prior to OS installation' as best as i can. My problem is it doesn't cover x64, so i tried both the WinXP and Win2K3 drivers, but neither worked. Anyone have a solution ? The system is a Dell Dimension 5150 w/ an Intel 945G Express chipset. Thanks in advance.
  5. @ freckles, I made a UA disk following the tips Bezalel has posted here, and it works prefectly. This is what i did: 1. Copied all the files from the XP Pro upgrade disk. 2. Added the four HP Home OEMBIOS files, overwriting the ones in the XP Pro upgrade /i386 folder. 3. Made a basic Winnt.sif, using the XP Pro number from the link, and added that to the /i386 folder. 4. Edited the Setupp.ini from XP Pro. 5. Made and burnt a bootable ISO. As i said it installs and activates perfectly. Try again but this make sure you use the four OEMBIOS file from the HP Home CD. Don't copy and paste the number from the web page into your winnt.sif, type it out. Because the web page has 'spaces' in the number which mess up your winnt.sif.
  6. @ FreeStyler, Thanks for the files. I don't really need them as this F-S box is a scrapper. But i'll keep them handy, just in case.
  7. New computer report, No OEMBIOS i'm affraid, i wasn't quick enough.
  8. @ Djé I believe it works like this: I'm not sure what the changes are though, as I cheat by copying the 'setupp.ini' from the orignal as Bezalel said.
  9. Ooop's, sorry freckles, @ Bezalel So the scripts collect the files from the upgrade version, not the OEM version. Because it overwrites the files when you upgrade, is that right ?
  10. Hi freckles, If you grab the Scripts on this thread it will give you the 4 files from the OEMBIOS set that you'll need to add to the i386 folder of your XP Pro SP2 disk, and a basic winnt.sif to start you off with your UA install. That should make the OS pre-activated. The problem is your Pro disk being an upgrade. The install may stop and ask for an earlier version of Windows. I don't know of anyway round that, but then again I don't any upgrades, so i've never really looked. Good luck.
  11. @ chickenfeed, I'd much rather have all these guys writting 'great' App's, Scripts, Bat's and Cmd's and the odd 'iffy' tut. Than it being the other way round.
  12. herroyuy Try using the i386 folder from an OEM disk if you can. I tried using the one from the hard drive of a Dell last week and get nothing but errors.
  13. clivebuckwheat, I'm sure I read in Bashrat's guide, that you should add his driver pack last. Or add it again at the end of any modifcations you make. As his pack re writes files, not over writes them.
  14. @ chickenfeed, I'm kinda new here, but i'll try and help you. If you use the VB script from the first post on your HP, you should end up with these 5 files: The winnt.sif is very basic so you may want to edit it. Add the 5 files to the i386 folder of your CD and burn it to a Bootable CD. Next time you install Home, you shouldn't have to activate it. @ herroyuy, Basically Yes. See above.
  15. @FreeStyler, I hoping to got a set of Parckard Bell OEMBIOS files this weekend, i'll let you know if thery turn up. Packard Bell and NEC PC's are the same over here in the UK, so the files maybe interchangeable ? And FYI, I tried the DMI trick on a Gateway it worked the same as on the HP's. It needed the /sm and /bm switches to work. I also tried it on an Evesham laptop which has an "Insyde Software" BIOS, but it kept generating a 'Floating Point Error' when i tried it.
  16. @FreeStyler An Admin here asked about the same thing.On a ramdon check of the Dell's in this office, we had three different 'System Manufacturers'. So,he wanted to know: Bezalel's reply was to add this line; I haven't seen him since to find out if it worked for him. But it should reduce the amount of OEMBIOS files needed to cover this network of Dell's. p.s. Thanks for the VPC tut.
  17. Thanks Cyberyeye, I'll give a try when i get home, tonight. Your English isn't poor at all, its probably better than mine. I've been know to confuse 'Spell Checks'.
  18. Hi guys, i'm getting an error when i open Outlook Express, this has started since i added some reg tweaks to my UA disk. I'm hoping some here can help me track it down. I followed the guides advice by using a HKCU.reg run by the cmdline.txt and a HKLM.reg run from RunOnceEx.cmd. Everything installs fine, and seems to work untill I try to open Outlook Express, when i get this error. I tested both Reg files from the desktop, before I added them to the UA disk without any problems. Its only when use them on the UA disk that i get this error. Anyone got an ideas ?
  19. FreeStyler, I have both Toshiba and IBM pro filesets dated 2001, if thats any good to you ?
  20. @Bezalel I was talking an Admin at work about this thread, while trying to get info on the servers. He asked an interesting question, that I said i'd pass on; Could the scripts in the activation.rar be limited to using only the first 8 or 10 digits of the Manufacturers Hex ? That way you shouldn't need a load of OEM filesets for Dell's, Acer's and HP's.
  21. OK, i'll keep collecting up the Oemlogo's then, i might not bother with the wallpapers. It maybe going a little too far.
  22. Anybody else like the idea of collecting Oemlogo.bmp, Oeminfo.ini and Oem Wallpaper's ? Incase they can be added to the script later.
  23. Mmmm..... I'm either gonna have to read alot more, or buy Dell's. I just tried my Sony disk in my Thinkpad and its error'd out saying it Can't be used on this computer. Confirm model type ???
  24. @Bezalel, ooop's.. I thought the script on the first post was part of the CollectFiles.rar Well, I spent most of yesterday messing with the OEMBIOS files, with almost total sucess B) The Compaq Presario, would only work with the Compaq key. Bu the Sony, IBM and Dell all worked with each others keys. Thanks for all your help and patients. Heres some more PC reports if you still need them.

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