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  1. A New Cd-switching Utility

    Can it be used to swap disks at t13 ?
  2. A New Cd-switching Utility

    Very interesting thanks for the hard work and for sharing it with us
  3. Try this it seems that you may be using the wrong silent switches and are missing a few things in your RunOnceEx cmd see here: Hope this helps
  4. SP3 don't accept any CD-KEY

    You get a clue as not every one is a criminal and as it happens this error occurs when using an original XPPro sp2 CD and its the original pidgen.dll copied from the original cd so how can that be illegal. Several People on this forum have had the same problem with the cd key not being accepted after SP3 slipstream so I hope I have helped and maybe you've been watching too many detective movies!
  5. SP3 don't accept any CD-KEY

    I'm sure I mentioned this somewhere else but I find that if you back up PIDGEN.DLL and then integrate SP3 and once completed replace PIDGEN.DLL with the backed up one. SP3 seems to corrupt the PIDGEN.DLL. Works for me! and your old cd key you used before should be accepted.
  6. XP with no SP + SP3 + current prod key = reject

    I have had this problem before and I always integrate sp1 then sp2 and lastly sp3 with nlite . The thing about the product key is that sp3 corrupts the PIDGEN.DLL in system 32 so I suggest you overwrite it with the original PIDGEN.DLL and your serial number will work.
  7. Slipstreamed SP3, Product Key now invalid...

    Before you add service pack 3 Backup files \i386\dpcdll.dl_, \i386\oembios.bi_, \i386\oembios.ca_, \i386\oembios.da_, \i386\oembios.si_, \i386\pidgen.dll \i386\setupp.ini \i386\setupreg.hiv. and then intergrate Service pack and then restore these backed up files to \i386 folder. Alternatively copy these from your origional CD This worked for me as i had the same problem.
  8. Looking for feedback on Compression Bin

    Thanks for this wonderful Tool it makes the work that much easier!!!
  9. AnyDVD

    Thanks for this as I took the long road for a shortcut , so thanks again for showing me the simple way
  10. Any way to slipstream .NET Framework v2.0 into custom CD w. nLite?

    Had the same problem but This worked for me . I renamed it with Caps eg:1_DOTNET20.EXE and dropped it into the svcpack folder. Now went to the SVCPACK.IN_ and expanded it and added under hotfixes 1_Dotnet20.exe and save and recab . Note I put my Net 2 a few lines down from Net 1.1 as they seemed to run into each other. This method worked for Adobe Shockwave aswell. Found some neat tool :eXPander.exe for expanding cab files and CompressionBin.exe By JCarle to cab the files again. Hope this helps
  11. request Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178 silent?

    Thanks Sonic that was very helpful and worked for me
  12. Crapless FlashGet 1.82.1003

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks JCarle I love your programs and use them stacks but sadly today I tried your Integrator and I am also getting the "Unhandled exception has ocurred in your application" so I Uninstalling My NetFramework2 and Intergrator and Trashed the Folder and started allover again but no luck .Dont think mine is a Beta as I got it of this forum not so long ago. Loads Perfectly from SVCPACK with NLite but I thought I bould try out your Intergrater out of Interest. Have you got a link for another Windows Media Player 11 as it may just be my version. Thanks in advance for all the great stuff your going to make us in the future .You Rock!
  14. skype

    The Path is :C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop Skype Portable version NliteAddon Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/30023061/Addon_SkypePortable.cab.html
  15. Howzit from Sunny South Africa

    Rexx72 must be an Inlander and live behind the Boereworse Curtain as I live by the sea and Its warm all year round . Good for you Overlanders to Holiday Here . Hey Rexx72 "Dis Lekker by die see" Hope thats how you say it as Im an English speaking Afrikaner.