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  1. Hi all What is the switch for silent install for Super DVD Creator? Thanks SOLVED: /SILENT
  2. Actually I've tried regshot and choosed to use html format but did not know how to deal with it, can you tell me how because I've already make 1st & 2nd shot.Thanks
  3. Many Thanks mazin but how do you know such things, I've spent hours exploring registery key (Current user - Local machine) looking for such a thing and failed to find it, and still there are many things I want to do with register, if you can help with that it will be ok Thanks
  4. Hi all: When you right click on taskbar > properties > then choose start menue tab > then choose start menue > then choose customize > and under general tab > and under programs region > then point to number of programs on start menue = x what shall I do to make this numb equal to the number I want ? Is it a registery entry, or something to add to WINNT.sif? Thanks
  5. Yes, hit refresh more then once make it working I'm downloading now, Thanks
  6. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian for the trick, you are an asset to this website
  7. There are a number of extension that allow you to capture or download the media and flash files embeded in the website, just make a quick search on the website I remember I've seen it there
  8. Actually I've tried thier forum but no one replied since a long time, beside the new version is really desseve to try it.
  9. I understand, but can you just give me a way to go with, because autoit (SCITE Script Writer) can not make it, because tab button is not working at all, and when I choose mouse click record it clicked toooo early which missed every thing but if you can not, Thanks for your reply
  10. I did refresh it all the timeNOTE: just a lovely thing happened, I left PC opened on this topic, and when I come back I hit refresh, then I found your topic says never pressed the refresh button in your browser, it seems as if you were talking to me, lol..hahahahha
  11. The file does not exist, can you repload it, and does it support latest version?

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