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  1. For the updates I can't delete a single update but the button 'delete all' works. Can I choose for all the Office updates the switch /qn? (Just silently and no screen) What can I do to have a working cd, slipstream with your tool to update until now and after that working with ork.exe to create an unattended install or first work with ork.exe and then slipstream?
  2. is there some guide that explains a little more what can do with this program? What's the difference between admin slipstream and direct slipstream?
  3. Hello, I've got 1 file "" that I want it to install unattended with /qI switch. It doesn't do anything. Can someone tell me how to do it? Do I need that file "iProInst.ini" and where can I put that file?
  4. I hope someone can answer me on this, when we deploy an image that is based on a single processor that we get a BSOD. To encounter this we must change SATA in bios to compatibility instead of ACPI. After that the machine boot normally and continue install. Is there any way to solve this by not touching to the bios and not get this **( )** BSOD?
  5. ok this is when you want to continue using the imageultra builder. But what I want is making a driver package of a machine and deploy it for example with SMS to the same type of machine.
  6. I stumbled upon this ImageUltra Builder thing and want to know if I can create driver packages with it. Let's says put all the drivers applicable to 1 machine and make an msi or something to have it installed/deployed on a machine?
  7. I keep getting an error with the dutch version. Can't see what I 'm doing wrong. I've succesfully created the UK version (88MB) and made it exe but for this it's driving me nuts. I have to choose 'Dutch' right? Ok I find out what the problem was. Changed retry = &nogmaals into retry = &Opnieuw and changed regional settings to dutch too. Done on a XP SP2 (english) and office 2003 dutch
  8. What office 2k3 updates can I slipstream in order to have a more up to date Office 2K3 package? I've got an Outlook package. Can I shrink it too with this method?
  9. Kingskawn

    NSC TPM Error

    isn't there any same driver that disables TPM 1.2. This is 1.1
  10. It's a serial ata HD but I already changed it from AHCI to serial ata Can't find a solution. Am almost certain that it's from bad drivers. TPM or something that blocks when installing a tddl.dll file.
  11. did you find out something because I have the same thing on older machines...
  12. This .exe file of you creates a bitmap but where can I change this? Where are the sources of your exe? There's some text I would like to change to put a phone number for example. Thanks and superb tool
  13. Is there any easy guide which describes to include those AHCI drivers in the XP image? I could filter out some stuff with nLite but I need a base XP image with the AHCI drivers in.
  14. Yes but the 'system' disabled it and now I have to re-enable it and I was thinking with a vbs or some scripting it could be done... Are you talking about this? : PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /parameter [arguments] Description: Enables an administrator to display and configure a system's paging file Virtual Memory settings. Parameter List: /Change Changes a system's existing paging file Virtual Memory settings. /Create Creates/Adds an additional "Paging File" to a system. /Delete Deletes a "Paging File" from a system. /Query Displays a system's paging file Virtual Memory settings. Examples: PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /? PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /Change /? PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /Create /? PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /Delete /? PAGEFILECONFIG.vbs /Query /? To use VBS scripts on puter you need to have it enabled, it should be enabled by default, i dont have it enabled but you can invoke this file regardless with simply calling: cscript %windir%\system32\pagefileconfig.vbs /? from a command line promt Hold Windows key and hit R while holding windows key (or goto start menu/run), type cmd + hit enter key. there are many ways to manipulate pagefile, i never used this way, but thats what you asked for so.. Ok thanks, that's what I discovered also in BDD 2007 Thanks for help, it's working now
  15. Yes but the 'system' disabled it and now I have to re-enable it and I was thinking with a vbs or some scripting it could be done...
  16. Is there a vbs that can activate the pagefile and set it on 'system managed size'?
  17. Are you looking for a resolution for the problem 'Continue anyway'?
  18. Yes in the INI file you can edit the Automatic_Install to Y under the section AutoInstall. So basically get your settings all the way you want it via the gui and then click on the Menu "INI File" > "Save INI" then "Edit INI". Edit it the way I said and then save and close the INI file (which opened in your text editor). Close out of DriverForge and the next time you run it it will install everything with the settings you chose automatically. Stupid question from me, I did the change already HWPNP and Devcon doesn't work for me so it's using the windows native mode and there I sometimes have to click 'Continue Anyway' when the driver isn't signed.
  19. Is there something that clicks automatically on 'Start' to launch the install of drivers?
  20. Hi, It's really cool this guide but I've got 1 question. We have SSCM and want to deploy XP on each machine (different types), Can I distribute XP by using this tutorial? Not just partition the disk I mean.
  21. I want to do the same. We've got users that have the wrong input language and keyboard layout. They must have 'Dutch (Belgian) -> Belgian (Period)' I tried this but it didn't resolve anything I need this to apply on every user on the machine. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload] "1"="00000813" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Substitutes] "00000813" Can anybody helps me? EDIT: Help modus is off I think . Neverthless i found it here http://www.msfn.org/board/file-to-be-run-o...ser-t88986.html
  22. Hi, I've looked over this forum and created a unattented Winxp dvd. Everything is working but now I want to use a (free) deployment program to send this windowsXP and afterwards some hotfixes. I looked and found 'WPKG', 'OPSI' and 'Diegostart'. The this is that I want to partition the disk into 2 partitions (C: 30gb and D:) and after that install the unattented image. No user interaction is admitted. We have a multi-domain environment, not just 1 domain and this over a WAN. It has to be used here in. Can someone tell me if there is such a program or programs that could help me out?
  23. Can this WPSK work on a multi-domain environment over a WAN to deploy applications/hotfixes? Thanks
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