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  1. I had the same problem with vlite 1.2?, Installing vlite 1.6 solved the problem.
  2. Maybe this could help: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/59/
  3. Well, i've just downloaded the vista soundpack, wich i want to use with my unattended installation. The only thing is, I want to integrate it directly, not by any .reg files, and copy/paste commands. So my question is, if anybody knows wich cab file in the I386 directory i have to edit/replace? Atleast, when it's possible ofcourse Regards.
  4. That's not quite true, in the winnt.sif you can configure auto-partition, wait for reboot, etc... That's why i thought press key to .... could be configured there aswell Regards Deamobile
  5. Bookmarked it, I'll take a look at it when i have a little more time. Thanks for the lookup, could have taken me ages before i had found that guide
  6. Ah well, couldn't help, atleast learned something
  7. Well, I succesfully installed msn and repacked it into an msi file... The only problem here is, on my currently running system the startmenu refering to :C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{A31803FA-03ED-11DA-BFBD-00065BBDC0B5}\MsblIco.Exe works. But when I install the program by using my msi file, and I click the shortcut created in the startmenu i get the following error: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{A31803FA-03ED-11DA-BFBD-00065BBDC0B5}\MsblIco.Exe cannot be found[/error]I know i could just copy a new shortcut from the installation cd, but that wouldn't learn me anything Note: When creating the msn installer, it was not possible to edit the shortcut I use Macrovision FLEXnet Adminstudio 7.5 Regards Deamobile
  8. It's not possible, But you can do it like i did. *Download the newest FULL version of autopatcher. *Install it. *Now go to the autopatcher directory in your program files dir. *Modules *Every folder in modules contains the updates, separated into subfolders. *Collect them and integrate them with Nlite. Regards Deamobile
  9. You have to edit your winnt.sif: [Data] Autopartition = 0 FloppyLess = 1 MsDosInitiated = 0 UnattendedInstall = "Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode = DefaultHide UnattendSwitch = "No" OemPreinstall = "Yes" OemSkipEula = "Yes" FileSystem = * WaitForReboot = "No" NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1 DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore That's a part of my unattended installation. Try to compare this part with your winnt.sif, wich can be found in the I386 directory. And if something different, change it. I'm sorry I can't tell you wich rule you need to change, because i don't know it either Regards Deamobile
  10. You could try uninstalling MSN Explorer with the Windows XP CD inserted into te cd-drive. I picked this up from another forum, so don't blame me Source Only they think you'll first have to reinstall it again, but i believe that is not necessery, but you could try it Hope it helps. Regards Deamobile
  11. Well, if your firewall is disabled, and you have an internet connection, it could be that your pc is already infected. This can keep Noadware from updating. It would be and idea to do an online virusscan. Trend Micro Online Virusscan This is what worked for me on a system with 20000 infected files If this doesn't help you, i'm out of options You could always try: Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Works well for me Regards Deamobile
  12. Well, to break the ice.... My real name : Alexander Country: The Netherlands My expierience so far: I started making unattended installations about 2 weeks ago. The msfn board has given me a lot of info, so did ryanvm, I wanted to thank them for that. I just started making my own msi installers, and from there building CAB files to slipstream into unattendeds. I hope i can be usefull to some of you And of course, get help here if something doesn't quite work out as i thought Regards Deamobile Ps: Nice to meet you all

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