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  1. heya .. we have the same problem ... but we intigrated the microsoft inventory tool for sms ... with that one you can automatically distribute the missing patches to your machines. take a look : http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn.../msupdates.mspx
  2. now i have ... if you look at the post from the same time you posted
  3. okay got it, its a file called bootfix.bin in the i386 dir .... it was missing! just if some1 expirience the same problem i just did a complete textsearch on the 'working' cd for the 'press any key' string to check out the differences
  4. okay i extracted a bootsec with the 'press key' feature and stuffed it into my cd ... doesnt work either ... im pretty lost here, no further clue .... even checking the winn.sif wasnt helpfull ... no sign of this functionality here ... no one with any further hints for me ?! :/
  5. thx for the answers guys. about the winnt.sif i doubt its in there ... im pretty sure the file isnt used untill the setup starts up ... i guess ryan is on the right way ... but whats strange, i tried 3 different bootsecs i downloaded from different sites 'slipstream' guides ... all have the same problem. and the bios is sure good, but its pretty anoyin if you dont have a mobo with supports some bootmenu. so you have to change it in the different stages of the setup or eject the cd on the 2 reboots durin the setup. i try to extract some bootsec of a retail xp .... and post the outcome greets mason
  6. hmm if i did ... it wasnt my intention. some1 has some detailed information how i can reactivate it ? since i have modded my installation over half a year and dont wanna do everything again. there must be a way
  7. hey guys, has anyone an explanation for that ? i fixed me up some nice unattended with all the stuff i need. the only thing im missing is the 'press key to start from cdrom' when i boot from it, it boots direktly to the systemdetection everytime. its pretty annoyin if your cdrom is the 1st bootdevice. .. so you have to take the cdrom out and stuff it back in. i guessed its something with the boot.bin i used to burn, but after tryin 3 different versions ... i still cant get it to work ... some1 has some more detailed infos about that ? thx mason
  8. i just have a problem with that issues guys, im doing a unat net installation at the moment .... problem is .. i install all apps over the net via the runoncex for now. but in this stage the admin account is allready loaded so the all the settings are stored in the admin profile. any of you guys know how to activate the network on .. lets say the t-13 stage ? so i can install all apps in the default user profile ?
  9. i know taggs, but you still need a server with ris support ... my version is set up in 5 minutes without any server, just the pxe and tftp server ... check out these little handy tools : http://www.argontechnology.com/view.aspx?id=software klasika: sorry but this would resolute in a big tutorial .. which i dont have the time for ... (im at work ) but maybe ill set one up .... but it isnt really hard, just check out the website and download you a trial of the tool, it includes all docs ... and the installation of xp is the same as from cd ... without some minor differences .. all in all ... not really hard to realise ...
  10. why usin ris? dont make it such complicated ... therefor you have to deal with syspreped image for every pc model youre going to install i use pxe netbood to boot into a dosnetbootdisk that makes a connection to a deploy point on a server and installs everything unattended incl. all update all driverpacks and so on .... big advantage : i never have to burn any cds ... just change the files /settings on the server ... and i can install every pc model i like without carein about images!! think about it!
  11. okay here we go : you need to put the $oem$ folder into the i386 folder if you like to install over the network. (this is a bug confirmed by ms) to install your system from the network, you need a network bootdisk of cd with a ms lan client ... just search for nu2 bootdisk. the guy have a nice modular bootdisk for that purpose. after that just map your distribution share to the client and start the installation from the command line or via batch file in the autoexec.bat. example : 'drive':\i386\winnt /s:'drive':\i386 /u:unattend.txt ill do my installation the same way ... therefor i never have to update any cds ... neither i have to boot from a disc bcs of some pxe boot method i build... pretty nice .. just hit F12 and do a netboot ... 10 mins later sys is up oh and dont forget to partiton and format your drive ... bcs in this case you need at least a fat partiton with around 1gb space! hope i could help mason
  12. hmm with my limited scripting skills ... maybe you missed the For Each objSMBIOS in colSMBIOS loop ? could that be ? that would imho explain the output ....
  13. hey ack-hh ... thx a lot for your effort ... highly appreciated but when i use your code ... it produces a new file just with the asset number in a row ... ill attach the original file and the file your script generated ... maybe you can have another look? would be great .... thx bud! bios.zip
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