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  1. I am not a fan of these banners, and normally remove them, but I think that I could live with number 26.
  2. I am not a troll, I have read all of the previous posts. Although I have not tried out any of the recent versions of the service pack, I have tried out some of the old ones. The two things that I disliked from the old versions of the service pack was the change of the Windows 98 version number which stopped me from installing certain software and the art work down the side of the start menu. It took me some time to figure out how to change these things. I am just saying that I hope that these things should be optional. Apart from that thank you for the service pack.
  3. I hate to pour cold water on the art work customizations but I prefer a vanilla look to my Windows 98. I think that only the creators of the art work and the service packs like them. If you include these art works could you have a option not to install them.
  4. Thanks, but I had no intentions whatsoever in changing it I also think that it is a bad idea to change the version number, Could not there be an option or utility in the service pack to change it back?
  5. I would not want it on my system, Sometimes visual enhancements add to the feel of a operating system, but in this case I don't think that it adds anything.
  6. In my opinion there is no point in adding a host file as it will become outdated and irrelevant in a very short time. This is a job for your virus checker or similar if you feel the need for one as the virus check is regularly updated.
  7. I have recently been asked by a customer to provide a Windows98 SE computer by next Wednesday, would you say that the service pack is good enough to use on a non test machine?
  8. It would be a shame if the service pack wasn't finished to provide a final update after all of the work that has been put into it.
  9. Who in their right mind uses Norton?
  10. I can confirm that myselfidem suggestion works for 64 bit Windows7 IE9 in changing the search provider by using this link http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/searchguide/en-en/default.mspx It seems that Microsoft has made a drop off here. Thanks.
  11. I can’t get Google to appear at all. I am a computer repair engineer and a customer asked me to change the search engine on Windows 7 64bit IE9 and to my embarrassment I couldn’t do it, so I tried to change the IE9 search engine on some other computers I have at the shop. On 32 bit Windows 7 I have no problem in changing the search engine but on 64 bit Windows 7 I can’t do it. I must be doing something stupid but I don’t know what.
  12. Yes I know this I can do it on 32 bit windows fine, but I can’t get Google to be an option to select on 64 bit Windows at all.
  13. On Windows 7 IE9 64 bit how do you change the search engine from Bing to say Google? I can change it on Windows 7 32 bit easy enough but not on 64 bit Windows. I understand that this is because you need a 64 bit activeX script to do it but where do I get a 64 bit active script from?
  14. You can’t save a file in JPEG format in MSpaint only BMP. The function to save as a JPEG was only introduced in Windows XP.
  15. I run a San disk 8Gig stick with NUSB3.3 with over 2 Gig of data without any problems.
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