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  1. The offline mode is still a problem and Firefox seems to default to a serif font when I start up Windows ME.
  2. Fixed it. Now my only problem is Firefox starting in offline mode. I'll explain how I fixed it, for someone else who might be having the same problem and searching the forums (lucky you). Grab the MICROSOFT SANS SERIF truetype font. Most modern Windows installations should have it in their fonts folder.It should be there.. or Google it or ask a friend. My problem with it not saving was that I was not saving it. Also I was copying and pasting the font name, because I was editing several parts of the theme like inactive titles and menus and it went blank when I left the window and it wasn't applying so it defaulted to a serif font or something else. I pressed down or up so it could scroll to the font I was pasting in (pasting it just wasn't enough) . My other problem was not clicking save as and saving it as a different theme. Any idea why firefox is starting in offline mode? EDIT: went to about:config and set network.online to false works like a charm. Firefox starts ONLINE now
  3. I use VMWare Workstation and Kernelex. Firefox doesn't seem to make itself the default browser. It always asks if it wants to be the default browser and I always click YES. Also I get null characters in the menu. I downloaded the MS Sans Serif truetype font used in older versions of Windows to fix this problem.. except that when I start Windows ME, some of the fonts default to MS Serif and I have to change them again. It's as if it doesn't save. Another problem is firefox starts in offline mode Any solutions? also not related but I can't save as .jpeg in mspaint and tried downloading the Windows XP mspaint but doesnt seem to help. Not my main issue
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