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  1. Just a generic Win2K w/ SP4 install CD that will partition greater than 137GB. I can get into customization later Thanks!
  2. Kurt - thanks so much. The drive is a PATA 750GB drive. I knew about the 137GB limit but understood that SP4 fixed that isssue which is why I tried just slipstreaming. The post for SP5 is brilliant. I haven't been to RyanVM's and used his sofware in quite a while. Absolute genius. May just cut to the chase with Acronis, partition then install and return to the integrated install later. I'm still concerned about the registry entry being entered enabling LARGELBA automatically or must be done manually before all can be seen by the opsys.
  3. I performed a generic slipstream of SP4 for my Win2K w/SP2 integrated CD-ROM and made no other changes than that. Then I burned the new installation CD and tried to install on my 750GB drive but it failed just after the initial program load in RAM, claiming it was unable to find the target drive. BSOD. I will attempt again and note the error and report back. Is it possible the registry entry isn't being accounted for this early in the installation for the large disk?

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