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  1. KB931836 is the Daylight Saving Time adjustment hotfix, mainly for the USA and Canada. It uses TZCHANGE.EXE to move the selected timezone info out of the general collection into the current timezone (see HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation in the XP registry). I don't think this running of TZCHANGE is really needed with a new install, but the registry change is still necessary for some, and not just the USA and Canada (maybe not Sweden). What you might need is to import a .REG file; I think you can get the info from Microsoft starting with the Knowledge Base information.
  2. It appears from fdv's longer post that you want to keep the comma. See the third block from the end with "(xp example)" where there are five consecutive commas. I think we'd all be a lot more frustrated without nuhi et alia.
  3. I don't have enough info from your post to know, but I can give you a couple of guesses. It depends on what kind of OEM install CD you have. If it is one supplied by a white-box system installer or purchased from a retail store, then you will have 30 days to activate your installation. (The CD key is only part of the process.) In this case, you won't see a message at logon telling you you need to activate until about three weeks have passed. You'll have about a week of use from your PC from that point before you will be locked out of Windows until you activate -- or re-install to a freshly-formatted drive. If you have an OEM CD that comes with the systems built by Dell or HP or Gateway, etc., then those CDs will only work with the original motherboards without reactivation, as I understand it. In either case, changing the motherboard is considered changing the computer. If the OEM copy was previously installed and activated with that CD key, Microsoft will expect you to buy a new copy of Windows. --Joel
  4. PoothTick


    I often use nLite to just rebuild the ISO after editing the WINNT.SIF file with Notepad (as Alanoll suggested) or adding files to the contents. I like the fact that I can skip all the other options in nLite if I only want to rebuild the ISO, and I don't have to remember those command-line options. I consider this a strong feature of nLite. Under the $OEM$ directory I will often put the latest versions of Firefox and other useful programs, and there have been quite a few updates lately! After copying over the new version, I just rebuild the ISO with nLite.
  5. That sounds backwards. Don't you mean you "checked" Internet Information Services (IIS) so that it would be removed, while you "unchecked" DHCP in order to keep it? If your router is "manually" assigning IP addresses, you are using DHCP -- your PC is getting its IP address from the router. IIS is meant for server stuff, I think...
  6. Sysprep is a tool for deploying to multiple computers. One doesn't need it after installing an nLited image of Windows, and you didn't explain what you are trying to do. According to Google, Microsoft says this: "The file c_20127.nls on Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK." "All you "need" to do is to point it to the CD or windows subfolders for missing files, they are there, it's just it don't see it...signature issue." --nuhi (old forum post found via Google)
  7. I don't know how to respond because you are using MCE 2005. I don't have any ideas on how to help. Others might be feeling the same way. I thought that the MCE versions were tied to specific hardware, and essentially were already customized to support PCs used to render audio and video. The nLite website does not show MCE as one of the supported versions of Windows, so this might be the problem for the first three items you mentioned. As for activation, I know that IE 7 beta does a Windows Genuine Advantage check to make sure your copy of Windows is legitimate. WGA is not perfect and has been known to indicate legal copies as pirated. If your copy of MCE 2005 was moved to a different PC, that may be the problem.

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