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  1. 16bit is way enought... (and the best part, i would also be compat with 2k ... witch doesn't do true-colors either...

    by the way i dont dislike the file-type icons, wich imo are quite straight forward and do fite in winXP (default icon sets), but the UI is ........ (no mom i wont swear, i know i promised you .... ghe ghe...)


    Why are you so obsessed with Windows 2000? Most 2K fanatics became 2K3 fanatics, but you obviously did not. What's the story? :P

  2. Bad news guys. 7zip only supports 16 crappy colors in the toolbar icons, so I think I won't be wasting my time on an ugly thing that will end up equally ugly.

    Can't you contact the author and kindly ask to add support for more colors in a program update? I'd think he'd seriously consider it... ;)

  3. There's three files on various web sites: icomp.exe, i5comp.exe, and i6comp.exe that will decompress different versions of InstallShield cab files from the command line. Google should yield quick results.

    Exactly what I'm using. i6comp.exe should do the job in 99% percent of the cases.

    I remember there's a GUI for these CLI tools too...

  4. It would be smarter to first extend your system's "true RAM" to its maximum first: it's ALOT faster than the i-RAM, which is limited to the PCI bus' speed.

    i.e.: it's better to have 2GB of system RAM than 1GB of system RAM + 1 GB of i-RAM-RAM: then you've got 2 'fast GigaBytes' instead of 1 fast and 1 slow.

  5. The S1 Express is a series of Mobiles...

    But I'm not sure of all the components models...

    If I had the list I won't have any problem finding the drivers...


    How this topic became to be FAQ & SOLVED...?!

    Sorry, fixed, it should have been labeled REQ and not yet solved ;)

  6. i found the switch and its working fine now!

    d**n it was easy to work!

    ok... if anyone cares :

    just run the setup.exe with -R and then tell where to extract the files and finish the setup

    the .iss is in there no need to copy/move it from c:\windows

    and then run the Setup.exe that is in ati folder with /K and thats all !

    the exe in the ati folder NOT the exe in the ati/driver folder ( to install the full pack )

    That would be the switch for the control panel, NOT for the CCC!

  7. Just copy the driver's .inf file to $OEM$\$$\inf and the .sys file to $OEM$\$$\system32 and it should get recognized automatically, during and after setup!


    Create any folder on your HDD, for example C:\Windows\myDrivers\ and add it to the DevicePath regkey (google for it). Windows XP will now automatically search this folder for drivers when new hardware is found!

  8. Your question is not very clear, but I guess that your problem is that you aren't using brackets to execute multiple commands if a false value is returned by the 'if exist' function.

    You should do it like this:

    IF EXIST "C:\blabla" (
    RD "C:\blabla"
    ) ELSE (
    MD "C:\blabla_reloaded"
    copy "X:\thisfile" "C:\blabla_reloaded"

    I hope this answered your question.

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