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  1. Kiki: Just to clearly state what I wrote - I used an SP1 WIN XP installation CD (the SP2 was integrated in nLite and the hotfixes also - one after the other ) Nuhi: Well then, fingers crossed for a lucky programmer!
  2. Hi Guys When I slipstream Hotfixes into a previously SP2-patched WIN XP (which was done in nLite directly, previous step in the program - originally the installation CD is with SP1 only), the Focus disappears constantly in larger or smaller intervals from the current application I work with (I have minimized nLite). Could it be apperaing when nLite is processing the Hotfixes one by one? Joe
  3. Hi Carni, Is the program fully functional if I first install it, then copy the contents under Program Files elsewhere and then delete the Directory under Program Files? I mean, does it store anything elswhere, e.g. in Registry, in other Directories? Can I use it this way on my USB Key (without installation)? And subsequently, which files can I delete that are obsolete when I use it without installation? I would guess unins000.exe and unins000.dat... Thx! Joe
  4. Plz plz correct your Webpage link HTTP two times there
  5. Hiya, how about adding YAWI to the List on the beginning of this Topic? It is a great tool for launching Applications / Installers and though it is small it has a decent functionality and a config panel that can be used to automate the process of adding applications / silent installers!!!!
  6. Hiya there, nice appie this one is..... A functionality request from me: Possibility to select more files to be added to the CAB with one or more launchable files to be executed one after the other... Whatdaya say? BTW, check out YAWI - the ultimate app / install launcher !!!!!!!!
  7. Hiya all, I have updated the Slovak part of gramiche's Forums with newest updates and also translated my own Config Panel Help into Slovak. gramiche, could you possibly update the FAQ as it reflects only ver. 2? Or is it needed after all after reading my Config Panel Help? C Ya!
  8. Hiya, here also the Slovak translation: Nainštalovať zvolené aplikácie YAWI - manažér inštalácií Vybrať všetko Nevybrať nič Globálne nastavenia Schémy Aplikácie schémy Zoznam schém Aplikácie Detaily príkazu Príkazy aplikácie Zoznam aplikácií Čas (s.) Źiadny čas Debug Paralelne Pípnutie WAV zvuk Prednastavená schéma Popis Pridať Odobrať Pridať schému Zmeniť Odobrať Pridať príkaz Zmeniť Odobrať Pridať ULOŽIŤ Zmeniť Odobrať ID Skupina Zvolená Pridať popis Príkaz Parameter Absolútna cesta Systémový príkaz Konfiguračný panel Nemôžem zmeniť ID ID nemôže byť prázdne ID je už použité Zvoľte príkaz pre túto aplikáciu WAV súbor musí byť v adresári YAWI or as a File here: Slovak langu.ini C Ya!
  9. Then try this one: http://www.filelodge.com/files/room11/2656...configpanel.jpg
  10. Hm, could be a config issue, the Picture is visible on my system... here is the Link for the pic: http://www.filelodge.com/files/room11/2656...fig%20panel.jpg Explore and have fun!!!
  11. Hiya all! My Guide on YAWI Config Panel is in ver. 1.0, please take a look and criticise... Here
  12. Hiya all, I am making a guide on the Config Panel on gramishe's Forums (here) so be patient, I will explain all the Buttons and their functions there. C Ya!
  13. Hi there, sending in Serial Numbers, eh? Better work them out of there.......... Joe Yeti
  14. Hiya All, I am working on a general Guide for more types of installs, will post it when it is quite finished. I will then appreciate your comments on it and also your sending me examples of App installs for each of the category or type of silent install. I will also try to give there links for respective guides that go deeper into detail on to making this or that... Also on this your comments will be appreciated.
  15. Hiya All, Making silent installs depends on the EXE file, if it is possible or not.... Or with MSI on the Switches... There is another possibility for silent installs without compressing them - YAWI - you just give there the EXE file, put switch entries (as many as you want) and you dont need to pack it, nor unpack in temporary Dir at install or whatever...... In fact 1. you can just make a CAB of the YAWI.EXE and YAWI.INI (after configuring the INI file accordingly) 2. integrate just that CAB 3. (before making ISO) copying all needed EXEs to the svcpack folder 4. and there you go! You can either install during T-13 with YAWI integrated into Win Install, or run the YAWI under freshly installed Windows afterwards from CD.....
  16. Hiya all, Poll has been updated! THX to Martin L!!!
  17. Hiya, what about YAWI? Simple, small, useful You have to have the YAWI.EXE and YAWI.INI in the same Directory as the EXE Silent Installers, edit the INI file before (there are comments for everything) and when you run the YAWI.EXE afterwards, you are able to select what to install. It is possible to add Installers into Schemes (for multiple users with multiple needs) and checking for Groups (meaning you have two separate Installers for the same Prog, but with different setup - e.g. Office with Word and Excel only and Office with everything - and if you select one of the Installers, the other one(s) get unchecked automatically...) Try it! BTW, the Autor himself uses it for initial Windows Startup of Programs he wants....
  18. Hiya All, after peeking briefly through all the Posts here, I see many requests for Guides on this or that.... I would like to summarize your requests here and also the answers - if such a Guide is already out there; if not who can make it or is willing to or is requesting assistance with making one... Please tell me/us all!
  19. Ok, guys, could someone put it in a short guide if you say it is working and post it here? Thx, appreciated........
  20. Hiya, hmmm I cant think of any new thing I would have done.... I tried also to download the standalone hotfixes - only the crucial ones (about 45 pieces of KB EXEs) and integrate them instead of the UpdatePack. I got the error also.... So could be, that with my particular WinXP Proffesional CD the Hotfixes just dont wanna cooperate.... It is not a major issue for me, as I am always capable of adding the Hotfixes after installation via WindizUpdate (and dont bother with the M$ one...). It just annoys........ If anyone comes to a solution, please let me know.
  21. Hiya all, hm, a thought, did anybody ask AHEAD about a silent install for Nero? Could be worth a try....
  22. Hm, I AM using a fresh XP install disk, eg. I always copy the WinXP Install CD on the drive (a czech version), slipstream the SP2 into it and only then add the CABs in nLite (one of them is the UpdatePack). Now I tried several installs WITHOUT the UpdatePack and they went ok. After the currently running install finishes, I will redo it again and only add the UpdatePack to see if it causes the same error again. It may not be the whole UpdatePack, only some of the Hotfixes alone, or....... could it be a compatibility error with nLite? But I would doubt this one, as I used the same 2.0.2 UpdatePack a few weeks ago with nLite RC6 and all went ok.... before: nLite RC6 with 2.0.2 updatepack - ok now: nLite RC6 with 2.0.2 updatepack - bad nLite RC7 with 2.0.2 updatepack - bad nLite RC7 with 2.0.3 updatepack - bad Can someone tell, if this could also not be a WinXP system issue? I mean the hardware PC operating system, not the unattended install?
  23. Hiya, from continuing testing it would indeed point to the Updates in RyanVM's UpdatePack.... Looks like some of the newest Updates (post SP2) causes this - I would say it corrupts some files at installation, but these are all yet ASSUMPTIONS, not hard-proof Statements.... Anyone tested too? BTW Ryan, your UpdatePack is good , only M$ s***s, you know...
  24. Hmmm, the UpdatePack will probably not be the problem, as I just tried it also with the newest one and the problem persists.... I will try to make the unattend with nLite from scratch (I was reusing) and maybe only slipstreaming the SP2 without any CABs adding.... Will let you know...
  25. Hiya Guys and Gals, I had just an error with BSOD when trying an unattended WinXP install with nLite under VmWare... It said in most words this: STOP: c000021a {serious system error} The Logon Process accidentaly terminated with state 0xc0000018 (0x00000000 0x00000000). System was shutdown. I think it has something to do with latest updates after SP2 - could it be ryanvm's updatepack? I dont wanna blame anybody just suggesting...... I used the 2.0.2a version, will try it with the latest though.... Anyone experienced similar problem?
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