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  1. YAWI Information: website Version: 3.03 Credit: gramiche Size: 394 KB Download : here To see the changelog : here If you have a trouble, check the F.A.Q. before post You can also have help on config panel here A feature request ? Please go here Howto integrate yawi with nlite : here See you soon
  2. I have writed how to integrate yawi with nlite : here
  3. thank you Joe : Slovack translation updated
  4. it, pl and fr translation are updated
  5. Thanks a lot for your full translation
  6. to call the config panel, use the switch /config : yawi3.exe /config to know your version of yawi, use the switch /? yawi3.exe /? you can get more help on the dedicated forum http://quelquepart.free.fr/punbb/viewforum.php?id=2
  7. Yawi 3.03 released : Fix anormal usage of CPU. Strongly recommended to update. This anormal usage (near 100%) is also in yawi 2.
  8. to install directx 9c it is not needed to do something on the ms install file : just start this two commands : start /wait DirectX90C_install_downloaded_from_microsoft_website.EXE /Q /T:%TEMP%\DIRECTX9 start /wait %TEMP%\DIRECTX9\DXSETUP.exe /SILENT
  9. You can try this http://quelquepart.free.fr/launcher/yawiconfigpanel.jpg
  10. I use /VERYSILENT in uppercase with the spybot installer I use /S in uppercase with the spybotsd_includes.exe. Perhaps the last spybotsd_includes.exe is not up to date, or perhaps you have not really apply update
  11. Hi, I use "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -install-global-theme mytheme.jar to install a theme silently. But the new installed theme is not the "used theme" Is there a switch to choose the used theme ?
  12. spybotsd14.exe /VERYSILENT spybotsd14update.exe /S i cannot give you the reg command, because i use YAWI to integrate it (without problem )
  13. I haven't found any solution to autoupdate... So i have added directly the last definition update and start just after installation with the switch /S It is not perfect, but it work
  14. ooops, a little bug was hidden in config panel, it was not possible to modify apps. Now corrected in version 3.02. Same way to get it

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