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  1. Post Install Windows Activation

    Have any of you seen the new mac commercial with the pc with vista. That was so funny & yet SO TRUE Yes, I have seen that commercial on tv, now all they need is a commercial for linux like suse that shows off the compiz xgl 3d technoglogy , why are their not much linux commericals, they really need a few, since Linux on pc , I think problemly is better than linux on a mac, but not sure, how the mac runs xgl compiz suse stuff, its the best 3D in desktop I have seen so far They need commercials saying how much better linux is than both Windows & Mac software, like that Mac person talking to the pc Windows user, they need a Linux user saying how much better linux is than both the other two , that would be real and true, but pc windows games don't yet run perfect on linux but then again , linux gets nether adware or virus on it compared to windows, or macs, even thou tiger intel is based on a linux port go figure macs got one thing right by using linux, but they should of keep kde & gnome stuff in their systems , since it can run on their darwin linux port which is the base of tiger mac os x which that runs on, anyway
  2. Modifying Service pack 2?

    I tryed that wmp11 you said before, in the nlite cd, their a problem is that my creative zen vision m 30gb player needs a driver only found in wmp10 for it two work , it uses drivers from it , to access usb to mp3 player , in 11 player addon it seems to lose or fail to load the drivers for the mp3 player , and extracting them from a wmp10 installer works partway, but for some reason it fails to copy over music , or non-microsoft video files like avi type, thats why I keep wmp11 off my system nlite cds, why I need wmp10 still, if you heard about the problems between wmp11 and creatives zen vision m players, I have the newest firmware on my player two so thats not the problem, otherwise I would keep 11 on a cd if it did not break the use of my mp3 player
  3. Post Install Windows Activation

    well not really sure but you could find a freeware program that does the Windows Activation thing out their maybe that works offline but I can't say where, maybe searching more on this with google, or something I can't say anymore than that , or try searching in bitcomet torrent sites, or p2p program maybe , you just have to fingure this out own your own, xp-AntiSpy can control a few things but its not really a fix for that ...their is a few programs that can help.. but watch out for the ones with virus if you search a p2p program a few of them can have virus , also you could try emule .. or somthing else , I will not name names of programs that can help , that you really needed to do on your own, almost anyone with net access can find these types of freeware sometimes -- plus remember that microsoft will not support what your trying to do , its very unsupportive thing, I did prefer how windows 95 and me did not have a Windows Activation thing, I think vista is just a joke.. for a gamer , it breaks more stuff than windows xp ever did , thats one os that I will never buy since its such a joke, directx 10 only works for new microsft games , old microsoft games don't work on vista etc.. more problems than current os , lack of drivers for vista, hardware like linksys wireless does not detect right, loads non-linksys drivers, can get virus and adware just as easyer as current xp systems, and the problems with vista go on and on , linux is doing better than microsoft can at this point in time
  4. Modifying Service pack 2?

    WMP10 phones home is that a joke? why would microsoft make media player 10 phone home, but really I never saw it try and phone anyone, also I have wireless-g network, with no modem in my computer so I don't no if it really phones home or if thats a joke, but I like using the media player classic two , its not made by microsoft I think or at least it has nothing to do with WMP9 that was media player 9, which is a different program than classic player I think ok I got two ideas I don't no if it helps , first check out http://www.free-codecs.com/ it has a lot of real codecs that video uses also comes with the Media Player Classic I like that one because I am control the video with num lock and 8 to make anime video bigger in size, without changing the real file also check out http://www.animesuki.com/ theirs a link to a video codec called Combined Community Codec Pack http://www.cccp-project.net/ I also use K-lite codec pack off of http://www.free-codecs.com/ site also did you try and take that media player 10 addon off of http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/updatepack.html and use RyanVM WMP10 Addon 3.1 January 14, 2007 10.0MB with your nlite cd, you can use the nlite cd and intergrate these addons with it then reinstall it from a new burned cd with wmp10 into that cdrom
  5. I would like a anime or cartoon pack like Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 but more themed of a cartoon , anyone know where to find full os themes? they seem random on the net , I found a less themed mac os for xp before , so far this addon that Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 seems to change the os the much plus it comes with a sidebar that works without having to put wmp11 on your system, also note it lets you in the setup either pick the current os, or change the cdrom os with that Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 , I don't no if it works well or at all after you use nlite , is it best to apply themes like this before or after using nlite http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enh...tion-Pack.shtml you can get this here I wanted to post that download link if anyone wanted to use it , its sidebar works better for me than that one posted here also you can change the os cdrom more with this to make your xp more like the feel of that vista I just used google to find the download link again I have not yet test changing the cdrom after using nlite but I plan on doing so , nlite just makes it easyer to do so, I forgot to say that it says that 6.0 is final , not sure if its theme is as good as the real vista theme , not sure if it does that glass effect at all also note my search found two one a final and the other says 6 RC1 , I don't no if the final is after or if RC1 pack is after that one?? also two more apps Windows XP Tools 2.52 http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-...-XP-Tools.shtml Optimizer XP 3.5 XG http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-...zer-XP-XG.shtml all 3 where made by the same person I think -- also note you can download it directly from their website http://www.windowsxlive.net/ plus theirs talk of a 7.0 version in the works on that site
  6. I need to know,? what not too remove in nlite for WM Recorder 10.2 to

    I don't no if this helps but Windows Media Recorder 5.0 also uses the same driver that detects the network , also it does about the same thing as WM Recorder I think , so if WM REcorder gets broken by nlite this other one would too I think also I think the safe remove causes it too break I am kind of sure of this maybe sure not 100 % sure , but I been testing it in vmware beta 6.0 I am right in thinking that is has to be something under network selection, so if I remove nothing in network that none of the other stuff will break it?
  7. FIX the fail to load creative zen m player drivers , when wmp11 installed on nlite cd work ok with wmp10 but wmp11 causes two bugs first bug is that it tries to install the wmp10 driver when wmp11 is installed the usb creative zen m player looks for the drivers from 10 that it used and fails to install them that could be fixed by extracting the files from wmp10 installer but then after installed it could only show the files and delete them , it would not copy video to it with xvid or divx video , it only wanted to copy wmp formated videos onto the player , and music files would fail to copy too like mp3 files, plus the video files that where not wmp formated like avi files would fail to copy at all , and even when copying wmp files it would be slow with wmp11 on it .. seemed to be really buggy with that version, not sure about a fix to this problem or if its been fixed yet, plus uninstall wmp11 or removing it ,and forceing wmp10 back on still did not fix it failed to copy files after that, but was fixable by going back to old copy of nlite or xp source itself without the wmp11 in it I have not tryed the newest version of wmp11 final bug I think this bug is still their not sure, I am afraid I would make another nlite cd with this problem in it so I am keep wmp11 off until I know its been fixed also I don't think this player works that well with vista default software it seemed slow to work with it
  8. Windows Media Player 11 not sure about others but this version causes my creative zen m player from copying video & audio music files to it it fails to copy anything on my mp3 player with this version of the wmp program , the player with wmp11 fails to copy files with it on and even with using wmp10 drivers to load the drivers for zen m player , it can view it and remove files but not copy stuff to it, this is a very big bug that keeps me from using the newest player
  9. Cygwin installer with *clean* uninstall support

    Cygwin is good for running kde or gnome in windows , that about all I would use it for.. yes I know these posts are old but I felt like posting anyway I would like a installer I could use with nlite to get kde or gnome up and running with a default install on windows that would be nice, their installer sucks that cygwin puts out
  10. Modifying Service pack 2?

    are you talking about Windows Media Player 11 , or 9 ?? I think WMP11 is the one that has problems at least with stuff like creative zen m players in usa , I can't get it to copy and detect my player after installing WMP11 , I have been stricking with wmp10 for the time, I remove it I think you have to install a copy with wmp10 and xp on your system, uninstalling is not a good , it still does not work right after going back to old version , not sure if thats your problem with it but its mine problem with wmp11 and thats why I am keeping 10 on and 11 off my computer
  11. I386\SETUPP.INI [Pid] ExtraData=*** this tells xp if its a upgrade version or full version disk** Pid=**your key info here*** ---- p.s. I don't think the numbers that site are using are real but even if they where I would not use them , plus I just removed the numbers from the pasted test if you want it goto that site so if for some reason you own both a upgrade xp disk and a full disk , all you have to do on the upgrade xp disk is change the ExtraData to the info on your full disk , and it will not check for a old os on your system the upgrade disk can then install without a copy of the full disk, I found more info on the setupp.ini file here http://www.thetechguide.com/howto/setuppini.html I paste that info below for people that don't want surf to that site, its kind of a neat trick to play on your disks when using nlite I guess, I am not sure how much people know on this , below is the text from the following site web address up their , I don't recommend changing the pid unless you have the number for that version you own, not sure if normal users would never want to do this , it depends on what level type user you are Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini WinXP's setupp.ini controls how the CD acts. IE is it an OEM version or retail? First, find your setupp.ini file in the i386 directory on your WinXP CD. Open it up, it'll look something like this: ExtraData=00 Pid=00 The Pid value is what we're interested in. What's there now looks like a standard default. There are special numbers that determine if it's a retail, oem, or volume license edition. First, we break down that number into two parts. The first five digits determines how the CD will behave, ie is it a retail cd that lets you clean install or upgrade, or an oem cd that only lets you perform a clean install? The last three digits determines what CD key it will accept. You are able to mix and match these values. For example you could make a WinXP cd that acted like a retail cd, yet accepted OEM keys. Now, for the actual values. Remember the first and last values are interchangable, but usually you'd keep them as a pair: Retail = 00 00 Volume License = 00 0 OEM = 00 OEM So if you wanted a retail CD that took retail keys, the last line of your setupp.ini file would read: Pid=0 And if you wanted a retail CD that took OEM keys, you'd use: Pid=0OEM Note that this does NOT get rid of WinXP's activation. Changing the Pid to a Volume License will not bypass activation. You must have a volume license (corporate) key to do so. For screenshots of the Retail, OEM, and Volume License installs, click here.
  12. want cygwin addon for nlite with either gnome or kde included with games and net access the other files can be lite , I don't mind download cygwin and its install on its own but I want to working copy with the default xp install also is it possible to have xgl compiz working under cygwin?
  13. will nlite update itself when or if serice pack 3 ever comes out? will it work with sp3 if and when it happens , will a new nlite version even be needed for it? not sure if theirs really a sp3 in the making or not all I hear about these days are vista and linux stuff like that new xgl compiz for linux which is a lot fun , than stuff I see in xp these days http://www.novell.com/products/desktop/features/xgl/ any chance of getting something like xgl compiz for windows xp??freeware 3d stuff would be nice like this stuff linux is doing
  14. I need to know,? what not too remove in nlite for WM Recorder 10.2 to

    the only things are care about not breaking are pc games, WM Recorder 10.2 , installers and wireless network and dos emulators like scummvm and dos box, and my usb creative xen vision m 30gb player software , the rest of xp files can go
  15. I need to know,? what not too remove in nlite for WM Recorder 10.2 to

    those things on compatibility is prefetch functionality needed for WM recorder or is that internet infomation services (IIS) needed for either of this program or the drivers it installs?